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Dressing up outfits for little princesses

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011
Fancy Dress is great fun and kids love dressing up. With princesses being so popular these costumes are sure to be fun!
Fancy Dress - Child Princess Leia Costume
Fancy Dress - Child Princess Leia Costume £24.49
Wig, dress and belt.
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Witch Costumes for Halloween

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Joker's Masquerade have some amazing halloween costumes and lots of wonderful witches for this Trick or Treat! The prices are great and with over 10,000 costumes and accessories you can get everything you need to make any halloween party really spooky!
They cleverly suggest the extras that go to making the costume really brilliant so your child can have a cauldron (essential for collecting sweets in) and a broomstick, as well as face paint for a really scary look! It's a brilliant shop and they will get your halloween costumes to you in plenty of time!
They have lots of halloween party decorations, lots of gore and scary stuff too as well as masks and even halloween handbags! Their online shop is packed with spooky ideas for your own halloween special party! Get the grown ups costumes too as they have plenty of fantastic ones for adults, teenagers as well as the kids.
You will also love the pet halloween costumes they have too! Delivery starts at £4.95 for their UK express service for delivery within five days - if you leave it later they have additional delivery options to get things to you faster!
Fancy Dress - Child Hagatha The Witch Costume
Fancy Dress - Child Hagatha The Witch Costume £8.99
Includes velvet hat with hair, dress, orange and black velvet belt & striped stockings.
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Top Themed Party Offers

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

My Party Parcel
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If you're planning a child's birthday party then you've probably thought about having it as a themed party. Most children have a favourite character from either TV or books. Themeing the party around their favourite character makes the party lots more fun for them.
You will be surprised how many things can be bought in themed ranges. If we look at Princess party themes then you will find the lots of different princesses to pick. Their Cinderella, Aurora and Bell in their Disney Princess party range. This means you can have plates, cups, tablecloths, party boxes in pretty pink, Disney Princess store banners, Princess Bubbles as well as lots of other decorative items. They do a range of Princess for all balloons, latex blooms as well as Princess tiaras and party forms. You can theme the whole party around princesses and make it a very special pink occasion.
For other themes there is an equal amount of items available. With lots of exciting characters like Dora the Explorer, Doctor Who, Rory to racing car, as well as lots of other TV characters you'll find just the one you're looking for.
The prices are very reasonable to Disney Princess door banners from only £2.23. They also have lots of little treats to go in party bags at the end of the party.

Easy childrens party games

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Cheap and easy party games for kids birthday parties!

There are a number of games that need very little planning and organisation that can really be great fun for children to play!

Musical Chairs is easy but you do require the same number of chairs minus one as children attending the party, and room to put them in a line. In a very small room this may not be possible without a lot of messing about. However if you can organise this, then musical chairs is a simple game that kids will love playing! It requires music to be played, and this needs to be able to be stopped quickly, either with a pause button or by turning the volume off quickly. The chairs are arranged in a row but alternate facing the chairs so they point in opposite directions alternating up the row. There should be room to move round the chairs without knocking over other things. Play the music and get the children to walk round the chairs - you can get them dancing or hopping or skipping. Pick music they will love so they enjoy the music as much as the game. You might need to discuss what music options you want with the child in advance so they get to pick the things they like best. When the music stops the idea of the game is to sit down on a chair. There should always be one chair less than players so one is left standing. This person is then out. To soften the blow of being out it's best to offer a sweetie prize each time to the person who comes out. Remove a chair and start the music again. The process continues until there is one chair left and two children. The first child to sit down on the last round is the winner! They can then have a bigger prize!

Musical statues is a version that can be done in a smaller room if you don't have lots of chairs. The rules are that when the music stops the children have to stand really still. Those that move are out. You can decide whether to eliminate one child a round or more than one. The last child stood still is the winner.

Pass the parcel takes some forward planning and you make a parcel up. You can use newspaper or even cheap wrapping paper. Wrap a bigger prize in the middle and then in each layer put a sweet or small prize. Children sit in a circle and pass the parcel round - whoever is left holding the parcel when the music stops gets to take off a layer and gets the prize within! The last person opens the bigger prize. With careful stopping of music it's possible to ensure every child gets a small prize during these games.

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Children’s party ideas

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010


Party supplies for kids

Children's parties are loads of fun to plan and hold! They will be some of the most special events in your child's life so it's important to get them right. You can have a great party even on a tiny budget so there's no excuse for not having lots of fun. At it's very simplest a party needs children and a cake! There are lots of fun free things you can do to make the party entertaining and lots of great games you can play that cost nothing to do.

You should move away from the obligatory party bag if you're on a budget. Children shouldn't be trained to expect tons of gifts when it's someone else's birthday party. There's nothing wrong with wrapping a piece of cake up and sending people away with that! There's a massive selection of party bags though if you want to give the party guests treats. They do add to the cost though - and when you have to give each guest the same things it can soon add up!

Small cheap party treats can be sweets, whistles, and small toys like packs of crayons.

Balloons don't have to be shiny sparkly helium balloons either! Normal balloons blown up and grouped together can give the party a really fun feel. Helium balloons are lovely but if you're on a budget stick to one just for the birthday girl or boy!

Having a joint birthday party with another child can be a good way of saving money - if both sets of parents are on similar budgets. It can make hiring a space much more sensible too, and there'll be more parents to help, and more parents to supervise. It also means that the party can be bigger! There's nothing wrong with a small party at home though if that's what you need to do budget wise!