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Tuesday, November 6th, 2012
A sledge is great when it snows - order yours before it snows though to make sure you have one in time!

Snow Snyder
This Snow Snyder is a solid sledge with steel skates uniquely designed to fold away for easy transport and storage. It has a fabric seat, steel skates underneath the runners for extra speed and for use on wet grass. For ages 3 plus Dimensions: H 24.5cm x W 45cm x L 118cm Weight 5.2kg

John Deere Snow Cruiser
This John Deere moulded robust snow sledge/cruiser can fit up to two people, has a pull cord and has metal steel skates underneath the sledge for extra speed on snow and enabling the sledge to be used for wet grass racing as well. Suitable for ages 3 plus Dimensions : H 27cm x W 44 cm x L 94 cm

Toys at The Entertainer

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012
Pre-School toys, Play and Learn with some of our best buys for toddlers. Including Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway and Chugginton. We've also got some great action toys to accompany the release of film The Amazing Spider Man.

Chuggington train sets now up to 50% OFF

Chuggington - Training Yard Playset was £44.99 NOW £29.99

Chuggington Interactive - KoKo and the Tunnel was £34.99 NOW £17.49

Chuggington - Launch and Go Roundhouse was £22 NOW £15

Chuggington - Wilson Carry Case was £16 NOW £8

Chuggington - Interactive Emery was £6.50 NOW £13

Chuggington Diecast - Brewster's Jet Pack was £8 NOW £4

Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway now 33% OFF

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway - Old Wheezy Sling Crane was £25 NOW £16.67

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway - Captains Shed was £34.99 NOW £23.33

Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway - James Lights And Sounds was £20 NOW £13.33

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway - Battery Powered Percy was £20 NOW £13.33

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway - Giggling Troublesome Trucks was £15 NOW £10

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway - Dash was £10 NOW £6.66

NEW The Amazing Spider Man

The Amazing Spider-Man Dual Web Blaster £23

Mega Bloks The Amazing Spider-Man - Sewer Lab Ambush £29.99

Mega Bloks The Amazing Spider-Man - Lizard Techbot £15

The Amazing Spider-Man Zoom N' Go Motorbike £11

The Amazing Spider-Man Zip Line Figure £9

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All about Rock Tumblers

Monday, October 18th, 2010
How to Choose the Right Rock Tumbler
Choosing what is the right rock tumbler for you is an important decision to make. This mainly depends on what you want to achieve in terms of rock size, batch sizes, frequency of use, and how you want your rocks to look once polished. There are 3 categories of tumbler to choose from; 2 of these are rotary type tumblers, which produce smooth, rounded rocks. Although they work in the same way, I split these into 2 categories, toy/educational rock tumblers, and hobby/professional level tumblers, as they meet different needs for someone wanting to tumble rocks. The other type is the vibrating rock tumbler, which also polishes your rocks, but the polishing process is quicker, less grit is needed and rocks keep their original form through the process.

Toy/Educational Rock Tumblers
This type of tumbler is available from many online shops or toy stores and can be a great introduction to rock tumbling. These tumblers are easily affordable and usually come with everything needed to get started without having to make any additional purchases. The limiting factor with these tumblers is the size of rocks which can be polished as they only have small motors, and although these tumblers can last a long time, if any thing does break, it can be difficult to find replacement parts to make repairs. Many people who start out with this type of tumbler soon find their hobby outgrows their equipment and quickly move on to buying a hobby/professional level tumbler.

Hobby/Professional Level Tumblers
As you might expect, these rock tumblers cost more than the educational tumblers (around $100 for a kit up to several thousand dollars for a large, top of the range tumbler), but you certainly get what you pay for in terms of quality. Like the educational models, these tumblers polish stones by rotating a barrel containing the rocks and grit/polish, which mimics the action of the sea smashing rocks together over millions of years, to polish your rocks. These tumblers are made from robust materials to a high specification and are designed to last, with features such as fans to keep the motor cool and automatic overload shut- down to protect the motor. Replacement parts are also available if anything ever does wear out or break. There is also a lot more flexibility with these tumblers; models with larger motors and barrel capacity are available for polishing larger batches or bigger stones, and models are available with two or even three barrels, allowing you to tumble more than one batch at a time. There are a number of well-respected manufacturers of rotary tumblers, including Lortone, Thumler’s Tumbler, Covington and Diamond Pacific, and a great range of their tumblers, along with other rock tumbling accessories you will need, can be found at my rock tumblers site.

Vibrating Tumblers
Vibrating tumblers do not work in the same way as the rotary tumblers. These tumblers use high frequency vibrations to create friction between the rocks, and this polishes your stones. These tumblers tend to be even more expensive, although high quality 4lb-capacity tumblers are available for about $120. Polishing in a vibratory tumbler means that the stones stay in the same shape as when they started, rather than becoming rounded. Vibrating tumblers also tend to be quieter than their rotating cousins and polishing is achieved more quickly, and with less grit.

Article by Phil Prestwich of

Personalised Photo Puzzle

Monday, October 11th, 2010

A perfect gift would be a personalised jigsaw! You pick the photo and it gets turned into an amazing puzzle! You can pick from 200, 500 and 1000 pieces, as well as the heart-shaped puzzle with 600 pieces.
You simply visit My Photo Puzzle - upload a photo and select the section of it you want to use. They tell you how good th ephotos is due to it's shape - you get a star rating of the adequacy of the picture so you don't end up using a bad picture quality, or one that's very blurred)

Personalised jigsaw200 pieces (16.6" x 11.7") £ 19.90
500 pieces (18.7" x 12.7") £ 24.90
600 pieces, heart (22.1" x 18.8") £ 29.90
1000 pieces (25.9" x 18.8") £ 34.90
The box is personalised with the name you pick for the jigsaw and you pick the colour of the box! Production time: approx. 3-5 working days and costs £ 3.90
You upload the photo and it'll get turned into an amazing jigsaw. You could use a wedding photo, a picture from a christening, a family photo, one of everyone together, a romantic one, one of some special event in your lives - the picture that people will enjoy looking at enormously whilst they put the picture together. It's a lovely idea and one that could be fun for kids as well as grown ups!

Witch Fancy dress costumes

Saturday, September 25th, 2010
Witch costumes make great Fancy Dress! We love all of these and they're all so different it's worth showing you the wide range of witch costumes available. They're perfect for everyday dressing up as well as for halloween. If you're planning to go trick or treating this year then why not consider a witch costume? It's a fun costume that doesn't need loads of messing with makeup or hair!!
A witches costume is always popular!
Fancy Dress - Black & Purple Child Witch Costume
Fancy Dress - Black & Purple Child Witch Costume £6.99
Includes dress and waist sash.
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Sleepy Time Iggle Piggle

Saturday, September 18th, 2010
Sleepy Time Iggle PiggleIn The Night Garden Sleepy Iggle Piggle is sometimes called Sleepy Time Iggle Piggle
This is a great toy for when you need to get your toddler to have a nap. It'll be a hit with all the little ones who adore watching Iggle Piggle!
It's a soft doll of Iggle Piggle that falls asleep when you touch his foot and rub his hand! If you stop before he has fallen fully asleep, then Igglepiggle's eyes will open and he will squeak in surprise! It's a lovely toy to play with and kids will love sending him off to sleep! When it's time for the kids to have a nap Iggle Piggle can help - just flick a switch and he'll play lovely soft lullaby music helping your toddler drift off to sleep!
It includes 3 x AA batteries. It's suitable for children aged 18 Months +
This will be an excellent toy for any toddler who finds it hard to have a nap - they will see Iggle Piggle napping and will want to be just like him

Glitz and Glamour Find it game

Thursday, September 16th, 2010
Find It Game Glitz and Glamour VersionWe've been shaking this for days now. We've ticked everything off on the list apart from Princess, Cupcake and coin!
Update: We've just found the coin - well the edge of it (It's silver!) but it's sunk again beneath the bits!
Find It Game Glitz and Glamour Version is available at amazon - Find It Game Glitz and Glamour Version for only £13.99
This game is very simple.
You get a tube full of hundreds and thousands and 44 objects! You have a tick chart to mark off when you find each item and you play the game either timed, or in turns with friends. It's fun and very simple. Just shake and look. You will try all sorts of different shaking techniques!
See our full review of this toy here

Cardboard Play Castle

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010
Play CastleTorquato AG Have a Play Castle
A castle with towers, battlements, a large gate and windows. The four folding templates for the castle are made from sturdy white corrugated cardboard and just clip together.
The openings are pre-cut, the folding lines pre-scored. The interior of the castle is printed with a fireplace, a throne, candle holders, paintings, coats of arms and halbards - just waiting to be coloured in. Includes instructions for construction.
Fully constructed castle measurements: Base area 90cm x 90cm, height 134cm, height of inside space 116cm.
They have a lovely range of toys too split up into lovely categories like Carpentry, Craft & Construction which includes some great toys for boys including a brick house building kit and a Pirate ship construction kit! Tons of fantastic fun toys!
Torquato AG Toys for Children

Dave The Cheeky Monkey

Thursday, September 9th, 2010
Looking for something really unusual? Something that you've never seen before? Dave the Cheeky monkey is brand new and breaks the mould as far as toys are concerned! This is unique!

Dave The Cheeky Monkey
Dave The Cheeky Monkey

Ever feel a bit lonely, like the whole world is passing you by? Or maybe you just want a funky, cheeky companion to keep you company? If so then Dave The Funky Monkey is just the shoulder mounted friend you've been looking for. This little cheeky monkey sits about 20cm high and can be positioned comfortably, and securely on your shoulder. What really sets Dave The Monkey apart from the rest of his cheeky primate cousins is, apart from not making a mess and then throwing it around, he will interact with you and passers by.

Dave is a cheeky robot toy designed to look like a small squirrel monkey complete with black body, and white face, hands, and feet. Your friends and family will be amazed at how Dave interacts with you and them as you chat away to him. As your friends introduce themselves he'll wave, if they embarrass or scare him he'll hide his face looking shy or scared, he'll even put his hand up ready for a high-five if the situation dictates.

Although Dave looks completely autonomous, as if he is waving, nodding, and even hi-fiving all by himself, he is actually operated by a discreet remote control that you can keep hidden in your pocket. The simple to use remote consists of just 8 buttons, each invoking a different response from Dave. With just a little practise you can have Dave making all the right actions at just the right time interacting seamlessly with you and your friends, as well as charming all manner of strangers, or "friends-to-be" as we prefer to think of them.

Dave The Funky Monkey has a hook on his rear that can be simply attached to a shoulder strap to keep him safely and securely sat in place. Apart from his cute and cuddly looks, and winning personality you can also be safe in the knowledge that Dave won't partake in some of the more questionable activities that monkeys are known for, so you can confidently take to any social occasion you might wish to grace with his presence.

Everyone loves monkeys, maybe it's that they are like little furry versions of people? Maybe it's their cheeky antics and toothy grins? Who knows, but what we do know is that Dave The Monkey is sure to be more popular than any ordinary monkey. Some say he's funky, others say he's cheeky, but either way he's set to take the furry "companion sitting on your shoulder" niche by storm! Sure to be loved by anyone and everyone, Dave The Cheeky Monkey will bring a smile wherever he goes, and his cute and cuddly good looks are sure to elicit an awwww from one and all, this really is one cute critter. Price £24.95

All the chatimals now available

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
Firebox now have ALL the chatimals available !If you were after one of these cutey hamsters that talk back at you then shop now! They're going to be huge this Christmas!
Chatimals (Hamster - Grey)
Chatimals (Hamster - Grey) £19.99
Serious contenders for toy of the year, Chatimals are the furry critters that repeat whatever you say. Just squeeze a paw, say your piece and prepare to chortle as your plush pal repeats your words in a ridiculously high or low pitched voice. Annoyingly brilliant…Annoyingly brilliant!
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