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PS3 at PC World

Saturday, December 12th, 2009
PS3 slim

PS3 slim

PC World sell the PS3
Reasons to buy the PS3:
You can play PS3 games on it. These include Call of Duty -Modern Warfare 2 and Saints Row 2. These games are stunningly beautiful, have amazing game play and you will love them!
You can use your PS3 to watch Blu-ray movies! This is such a useful feature - it removes the need for a blu-ray player and that means you're saving money! You can also store movies, music, games and downloads in one fully customisable place with PS3's built in hard disk drive.
You can watch iplayer on your TV using the PS3. This is one of the best features if you've got a non-gamer in the house to convince before you buy one! You can catch up with all your favourite BBC programs using their iplayer service right on your TV! This is fantastic and a big selling point for twisting anyone's arm.
There's a PS3's motion-sensitive SIXAXIS"! Wireless Controller which means no messy cables because it uses a wireless connection to PLAYSTATION3 via Bluetooth.
Free access to the PLAYSTATION®Network via your existing home broadband - unlike xbox live which you have to pay for.
For kids it's got some great games including Little Big Planet, Mini Ninjas and loads of fab sing star games for the singer in the house (Brilliant at partys)