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Carpentry kits for kids from Firebox

Monday, May 23rd, 2011
Something to give the kids a real sense of achievement. Firebox have this range of carpentry kits just for children! (Ok adults can help!) - they're really cute little kids that will make something out of wood, showing kids just how easy and satisfying it is!
Billiards Table Carpentry Kit (Billiards Table)
Billiards Table Carpentry Kit (Billiards Table) £34.99
Practical playthings that give kids a sense of achievement? In this day and age? Absolutely, because this traditional wooden DIY kit puts mini hands to light work. Sawing and hammering has never been so fulfilling!
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Bob the builder bricks building sets!

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011
Fantastic toys available today at Firebox including this selection of Bob the Builder Construction Sets
Bob the Builder Construction Sets (30 Brick Set)
Bob the Builder Construction Sets (30 Brick Set) £10.99
Recreate Bob the Builder’s greatest moments using real bricks and mortar to construct walls, houses, wishing wells and towers with these cement-sloppingly brilliant playsets. To ‘demolish’ your creation, simply plop it in water and start over again. No wrecking ball required!
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Lego pirates at Firebox

Monday, May 9th, 2011
Fantastic gifts for kids who adore the Pirates of the Caribbean films.
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Queen Annes Revenge
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Queen Annes Revenge £99.99
Jump into Jack Sparrow’s permasozzled boots and climb aboard the enormous Queen Annes Revenge. There, you’ll take on Angelica, her zombie crew, and even Blackbeard himself!
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Toy Story Toys

Friday, March 4th, 2011
Firebox just added these new items and have free delivery on all orders! Fantastic range of toys.
Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear
Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear £49.99
Complete with flip-open helmet, wrist communicator, pop-out wings, arm laser and glow-in-the-dark trim, this is as close to the original Space Ranger as you can get
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LEGO Creationary

Thursday, February 17th, 2011
LEGO Creationary LEGO Creationary - this is a fantastic game that you'll love playing. it's a must for lego fans and anyone who likes playing games like pictionary. Instead of drawing though you have to make things out of lego! Woohoo! A fantastic idea and one we know everyone will love playing! There's three levels of difficulty and four types of things you have to make. Another great excuse to play with lego!
* Interactive boardgame for 3-8 players - so the whole family can play
* A game typically lasts 30-60 minutes
* Suitable for ages 7-12

* 1x buildable LEGO Dice
* 1x LEGO minifigure
* 1x LEGO microfigure
* 96x cards
* 1x rule booklet

BigTrak Junior

Thursday, December 9th, 2010
bigtrak juniorBigTrak Junior reduced at Firebox Until 6pm tonight

Simply punch in your commands and cross your fingers as Bigtrak Jr executes the sequence, travelling forwards, backwards, left and right. It’ll even fire a volley from its ‘photon’ cannon and lurk behind the sofa before scaring the bejesus out of the cat. Programming a ‘puter has never been such fun.
But what about those updates? Well, Bigtrak Jr boasts a cool ‘memory save’ function allowing you to write programs and save ‘em for future use. Better still an ‘active accessory port’ accommodates various forthcoming accessories including a webcam and foam rocket launcher. Back to the future? We can’t wait.

Toy Butterfly

Friday, November 12th, 2010
My butterflyMy Butterfly £19.99
This is an amazing toy! It's a butterfly in a far! I adore this! It's magical and a wonderful thing for a child who'll be entranced wondering if it's real. It's a realistic looking butterfly that flaps and flutters just like the real thing. It'll Confound insect lovers and add a twist of Japanese eccentricity to your desk with this curiously compelling electronic butterfly. Simply tap the jar and the beautiful creature within flutters about in an incredibly lifelike fashion
There are four species: Monarch, Yellow Swallowtail, Pink Morpho and Blue Morpho. br /> A fantastic desk toy for an adult, and will be the thing everyone stops by to have a look at! They'll think you've got a real butterfly in the jar!
Kids will adore it and enjoy having it as a pet for many years! And you're happy knowing no butterflies have been harmed!

Top Toys at Firebox

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
Firebox has some really great toys that you'll love getting at Christmas. If you've been stuck for ideas until now then cast your eyes across this collection of really funky stuff available! Firebox is a great shop packed with gadgets, gifts and toys for everyone. You could easily do all your Christmas shopping there - and yes they have chocolate gift ideas too!
These toys are really great ideas for gifts this year though. The BigTrak is a classic toy from the 80s. If you didn't have one then you almost certainly wanted one! It's a programmable robot toy that will drive itself according to your instructions. A modern version of this classic makes for great fun for hours of programmiing in directions and then watching it trundle off!! They have normal bigtrak and bigtrak junior!
The Razor Spark scooter is a must for street wise kids who love to show off, with the special flints built in to the back you simply step on the rear bar and sparks will fly! Stunning and so impressive! You'll really impress your mates doing this!
The giant piano is a fantastic toy that kids of all ages will love playing on. It's suitable for anyone who fancies dancing on a giant keyboard and playing some tunes. It's got Toreador, For Elise, Red River Vallet, In Tow, Gavotte Yankee Doodle, Clap Hands, Minuet, Bell Ring and Waltz built in and it'll play other instruments too. This'll be a hit with all ages and everyone will want a go at treading on the 24 touch sensitive keys. It's like kareoke for your feet!
The crazy remote control speedboat is just quite a mad idea with some impressive stats - it'll do speeds up to 30 km/h and has a run time of about 30 minutes. Plenty of time to show off at the local boating lake! Nice looking boat too!
The Gupi robot pet is fun and ideal for a child who's been pestering for a pet this year and it takes virtually no care at all - it doesn't care if it sits in it's box for days on end without feeding! Although no child will be able to resist playing with this toy! The Gupi will "talk" to another Gupi when they meet. They might even dance with each other too - and you recharge him with the little carrot adapter, how cute is that?
The knight rider remote control car is another must have retro bit of kit. Perfect for the kids of today, as well as the big kids who remember knightrider the first time round.
Fisher Price toys are just so funky retro that even the grownups might want one to relive their youth! The Fisher price Turntable was first made in 1971 and features a classic wind-up mechanism that plays the records as they spin around. They come with five individual records featuring 10 songs (two songs per record), and features a compartment for storing the records and built-in handle for tunes on the go. Featured songs include: Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Farmer In the Dell, Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone, London Bridge, Camptown Races, Children's Marching Song (This Old Man), Hickory Dickory Dock, and Au Clair De La Lune. Fantastic. Suitable for little kiddies too!
The Two Tune Music Box TV has been stimulating the eyes and ears of children for generations. Playing two classic tunes and showing two stories scrolling across the screen, today's Two Tune Music Box TV recreates the fun of Row Row Row Your Boat and London Bridge Is Falling Down as authentically as the original which was out in 1966!! Fab, funky and very groovy!
Firebox is packed with fab toys for everyone! Go on treat yourself!

Bigtrak £34.99
Take control of a legend because the trundling programmable space rover Bigtrak is back, and it’s just as enthralling as you (probably don’t) remember. Simply key in your commands and watch as this macho six-wheeler executes various moves and firing sequences. Look out, stairs!
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