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by Jessica - March 22nd, 2014.
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Splash Attack Water Blaster - Twin Pack
Splash Attack Water Blaster - Twin Pack was £7.00 now £3.50
See who’s quickest on the draw with this pair of Splash Attack Water pistols. Both blasters are very easy to use and can shoot distances of up to six metres for exciting outdoor fun. They also have tanks that can carry up to 200ml of water, so you keep loaded for longer. Suitable for sharp shooters aged six and up.
Make Your Own Teddy Bear
Make Your Own Teddy Bear was £10.00 now £5.00
Splash Attack Water Blaster - Revenger
Splash Attack Water Blaster - Revenger was £10.00 now £5.00
The next generation of water blasters is here with the Splash Attack Revenger. Simply pump the Revenger Blaster to build up power then squeeze the trigger to give your opponent a proper soaking. This Blaster’s pump action means you can shoot water up to distances of six metres. What’s more, your Revenger’s water tank carries up to 200ml so you keep loaded for longer. An ideal gift for kids aged six and up.
Loop 'n' Loom Bracelet Maker
Loop 'n' Loom Bracelet Maker was £10.00 now £5.00
Create the funkiest jewellery around with the Loop and Loom Bracelet Maker. With this easy-to-use crafts set you can make single, double or triple rubber band combinations for wearing and showing off to friends. Each pack includes: 1 loom 1 hook 24 s-clips 600 bands Instructions Whether you make bracelets, rings or belts, the Loop and Loom is perfect for unlocking your creative side. Great for kids aged five and up.
Splash Attack Water Blaster - Dominator
Splash Attack Water Blaster - Dominator was £15.00 now £10.00
The Splash Attack Dominator is one seriously pumped up water blaster. It’s cool pump-action feature means water shoots out at far greater ranges than boring, regular pistols. In fact, it can shoot distances of up to six metres. The Dominator also has tank that can carry up to 200ml in water, which means no more endless trips to the tap while you’re having a blast with friends. An ideal gift for kids aged six and up.
Speed School Stacking Cups Game - Pink
Speed School Stacking Cups Game - Pink was £25.00 now £12.50
How fast can you stack? Give your hands a work out with the Speed School - Stacking Cups game. A brilliant test of fitness, agility and concentration, the aim is to stack a pyramid of six cups and then dismantle them in the quickest time possible. Get a better time than your opponent and you’ve won the game! Easy to learn but difficult to master, Speed School is the exciting activity where every second counts. Game includes 12 cups, mat and timer. An ideal gift for kids aged three and up. Requires 1 x CR1220 battery which is included.