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by Jessica - March 14th, 2014.
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Minecraft Soft Toy Bundle
Minecraft Soft Toy Bundle £24.00
Lovers of Minecraft (isn’t that everyone?) can’t afford to miss out on this fantastic bundle! This exclusive offer includes the following: Overworld Chest Steve Action Figure Baby pig soft toy Mooshroom soft toy  Overworld Chest You’re not a master of Minecraft without your trusty Overworld Chest. Based on the essential item from the hit video game, Overworld Chests are the perfect way to keep all your Minecraft stuff safe and sound. Once set up, it measures 28cm squared. Use your chest as storage for Minecraft figures, playsets or whatever else may be lying on your bedroom floor. Also, these Overworld Chests are extremely rare so snap one up before they disappear forever! Steve Action Figure Now you can create your very own world of Minecraft with the Steve action figure. Athletic Steve is the best builder in the whole of Minecraft and comes with lots of accessories to get the job done. He can also carry a hefty inventory and has the power to tame hostile creatures. Or he could just knock them out of the way with his trusty pickaxe. This fully poseable figure stands over 7cm tall and is ideal for Minecraft fanatics aged six and over. Baby Pig Soft Toy Start your own Minecraft farm in your bedroom with the Minecraft 18cm Baby Pig Soft Toy. You won't be able to saddle up your porky friend and ride him, but when he's as soft and cuddly as this18cm cuddly pig, you won't need to. Suitable for fans aged six and over. Baby Mooshroom Soft Toy Start your own Minecraft farm in your bedroom with the Minecraft 18cm Baby Mooshroom Soft Toy. You don't need to find a mushroom island to get your own fungus-covered friend - this 18cm Mooshroom soft toy is even cuddlier than the real thing, and perfect for snuggling with in bed. Suitable for fans aged six and over.    
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