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Price reductions at Hamleys

by Jessica - March 10th, 2014.
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Hamleys reduced the price on these excellent toys today
Barbie Beautiful Fairy Assortment
Barbie Beautiful Fairy Assortment was £12.00 now £9.00
Please note: This is an assortment pack. 1 will be supplied and picked at random. Colours and decorations may vary. Discover the Barbie Fairytale Magic with these beautiful fairy dolls! With their big, gorgeous, glittery wings, these fairies are ready to take flight. The 11-inch fashion dolls have exquisite bodices, adorable skirts, tiaras and fairy wands to complete their enchanting look. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Doll cannot stand alone.
Barbie Wardrobe Fashions - Trend
Barbie Wardrobe Fashions - Trend was £10.50 now £9.75
Please note: This is an assortment pack. 1 will be supplied and picked at random. Colours and decorations may vary. Barbie loves to get dressed up in the cutest clothes for every occasion! This fantastic Wardrobe Fashions Trend set includes 4 super stylin outfits to mix and match, plus handbag and shoes.
Barbie Pink Shoes Ken Doll
Barbie Pink Shoes Ken Doll was £15.00 now £11.25
In the new movie Barbie in the Pink Shoes, Barbie stars as Kristyn Farraday, a beautiful ballerina whose magical pink shoes take her into a fantasy world of ballet. During her adventure, she dances with Prince Siegfried, a strong, handsome partner with an amazing costume of his own. This royal dancer is ready to leap into childrens' hearts in a dashing purple tunic with gold detail. He wears a white Renaissance shirt and grey tights underneath and is royally accessorized with a red sash and black boots.
Barbie Sisters Destination Jeep
Barbie Sisters Destination Jeep was £20.00 now £15.00
Please note: Dolls are not included. What's the coolest way to zip around during a safari? In a Barbie pink Safari Cruiser, of course! With room for two in the front and two in the back, this open-air cruiser is built for fun, flair and all four sisters! There's a hot pink chassis, turquoise sunshade and seatbelts and a zebra-print curtain in the back.Don't miss the sparkles in the paint job or the paw prints and silhouette of Barbie herself in the shiny silver wheels. A giraffe design on the shiny grille is the perfect animal adornment. Seatbelts ensure everyone stays safe. Full of colour and style and open-air for the best animal sightings, this is a vehicle for the wild life!
Barbie The Pearl Princess Lumina Doll
Barbie The Pearl Princess Lumina Doll was £20.00 now £15.00
From the all new DVD Barbie The Pearl Princess, Barbie stars as a beautiful mermaid princess with a magical power over pearls. On an exciting journey to the Mermaid Kingdom, she experiences a dramatic transformation into a true princess when she attends the royal ball under the sea. Children can recreate that thrilling moment with this doll, who changes her look with the press of a button. Her gorgeous pearl necklace hides the mechanism - push and her outfit transforms from mermaid to mermaid princess.The hard shell tail falls forward to reveal a "pearl"-draped tail with a soft, sheer train. To add to the dramatic effect, her hair changes colour in water, with pink streaks appearing and disappearing. Keep it long and flowing with the comb tucked into her fin and hidden away. Children will love playing out scenes and creating new ones for this magical mermaid!
Barbie Hair Tattoos Doll
Barbie Hair Tattoos Doll was £20.00 now £15.00
Barbie doll gets a totally awesome decorated 'do with a series of totally cute hair tattoos children can apply to her already fabulous long blonde locks. Seat her in the salon chair, and decide which of the many design options makes the perfect statement. The Barbie Hair Tattoos Doll set comes with 13 design strips! Then simply clip a strip to Barbie doll's hair, wet the hair with the included spray bottle and use the realistic (no heat!) flat-iron tool to swipe and transfer the decals to Barbie doll's hair.The swiping iron tool makes it easy. Then style the decorated locks to create even more fabulous looks. Add stars, hearts, flowers or graphics. The hair tattoos stay in place, even with brushing! Accessories like a comb, barrettes and a clip let your child twist, braid and hold to create a nearly endless variety of glamorous hairstyles.When complete, Barbie doll can admire her new look with the tiny heart-shaped hand mirror. Too much? Too little? Wash it out, and start all over! Includes Barbie doll dressed for a day at the salon, colourful decals, special spray, comb, clip barrettes, heart-shaped mirror, flat iron and stylist's chair. Doll cannot stand alone.
Barbie Cut & Style Feature Princess
Barbie Cut & Style Feature Princess was £25.00 now £18.75
This beautiful princess has long, gorgeous hair that children will love "cutting" and styling over and over again! Your child can take the three hair extensions and easily clip them in to add fun pops of colour or make Barbie doll's hair even longer. Two wear-and-share clips - that can be worn by children - add extra flair! When it's time for a new look, "cut" the extensions using the heart-decorated "scissors" and start all over for endless play. The Barbie Cut & Style Feature Princess includes doll, three extensions, "scissors," brush, tiara and two wear-and-share hair clips.
Barbie Mariposa Doll
Barbie Mariposa Doll was £25.00 now £18.75
The all new DVD Barbie Mariposa and The Fairy Princess brings back the beloved fairy, Mariposa, in a new role, as an ambassador to a faraway fairy kingdom, where she meets and befriends the local fairy princess. This doll captures the fun, fantastical fairy look of Mariposa as she transforms from ballroom ready to fairy flight. Dressed for a ball, Mariposa doll looks charming in a full-length gown in beautiful hues of pink and orange, with her huge wings tucked down so they don't get in the way at the ball. A butterfly-like pattern on the bodice takes advantage of the sweetheart neckline to emphasize a wing-inspired print; the draped, full skirt has a formal satiny look. But this fairy is bursting to let her wings flutter. Push the butterfly-shaped button that is masked as her necklace charm; the folds of her skirt magically open, and two magnificently large and sparkly wings - in matching shades of orange and pink - flip up! A pink petal skirt and climbing fairy shoes are fantastical touches to complete Mariposa doll's fairy look. When it's time to return to the ballroom, turn the knob on the doll's back to fold the wings back down and into the skirt of the pretty, princess dress. Children will love playing out quintessential moments from the movie and transforming Mariposa doll from ballroom beauty to fantastic fairy over and over again.
Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse Talkin' Ken Doll
Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse Talkin' Ken Doll was £25.00 now £18.75
Barbie doll's life in the Dreamhouse mansion is pretty Fab! And having boyfriend, Ken, around makes it even better! He's always ready with an encouraging word or funny phrase - just ask him! This doll speaks iconic remarks fans of the show will recognize - in his own voice. Kids will find it "amazing!" Plus, he looks adorable in dark skinny jeans and a blue and white checked shirt. A silvery watch and sleek shoes add dashing touches.Requires 4 x LR14 batteries (included).
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