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New toys at Hamleys

by Jessica - February 24th, 2014.
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Hamleys has these top new toys today
Robo Fish Play Set
Robo Fish Play Set £25.00
Robo Fish play set with bowl and accessories. The Robo Fish behaves and swims just like a real fish thanks to a clever series of water-activated micro robotics. This large set includes a generously sized fish bowl that provides the perfect play environment for Robo Fish to roam around. It also features a plastic castle and two coral accessories that provide a touch of aquatic scenery for the Robo Fish as it swims.Requires 4 x Cell batteries (included).
Bubble Crab
Bubble Crab £15.00
Bubble machine for baths in the shape of a crab. Bubble bath solution and water can be mixed in the crab's lower body before it then slowly foams from the front of the machine when it is turned on. It comes mounted on three suction cups that secure it to bathroom tiles and other surfaces. The cartoon-like appearance of this bubble machine is sure to appeal to parents looking to make bath times that little bit more fun for their children.
Robo Fish Set
Robo Fish Set £13.00
Robo Fish toy with a collection of aquarium accessories. The Robo Fish behaves and swims like a real fish in water thanks to a clever series of micro robotics that are water-activated. This set includes a plastic castle and two pieces of brightly coloured coral for Robo Fish to swim around as it navigates its watery environment.Requires 4 x Cell batteries (included).
Wind Up Swimming Fish & Net
Wind Up Swimming Fish & Net £12.00
A couple of colourful clockwork fish bath toys with a strong plastic net. Each fish has a pull-string tail that operates its side-mounted fins, causing them to spin and propel the fish through the water. The Wind Up Swimming Fish set includes a very sturdy plastic framed net with quality mesh netting attached around the rim.
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