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New toys at Hamleys

by Jessica - February 23rd, 2014.
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New toys at Hamleys
B Symphony
B Symphony £70.00
The Symphony from B - Choose up to six instruments to put in the orchestra pit and hear them all play together and hear the musical transformation as you swap and change the instruments to create different sounds! This is your symphony and you are the conductor! Choose your song and your instruments to create beautiful music. You have 15 songs and 13 instruments to chose from so the combinations are endless! You can even record your creations. There are different lights to show different sections of the orchestra like the strings section, brass, percussion and lots more! The included book has teachers notes, composers and lyrics too!Requires 4 x AA batteries (included).
B Spinaroos - Bristle Block
B Spinaroos - Bristle Block £45.00
Spin, spin, B Spinaroos! These colourful bristle blocks will be sure to get creativity skills and imagination flowing! Each of the 75 pieces arrives in a reusable orange storage box. Complete with a creative booklet jammed with building ideas. Don't forget to add the twisty bases in to your designs to add movement and lots of spinning! Each block easily slots into each other and also pulls apart to chop and change each creation
B Meowsic
B Meowsic £35.00
The Meowsic from B makes five different sounds such as piano, bells, meow, organ and banjo! Not only this, Meowsic also has five different modes to choose from such as rock, blues, samba, techno and disco so there is plenty to choose from so toddlers wont get bored. If that isn't enough, Meowsic also features volume and tempo buttons to speed and turn up those beats, a play and record button which enables toddlers to record their own masterpiece and then play it back.There are 20 familiar songs to play and seven witty kitty tunes that will play from your speakers with just one click of a button! Anything worth saying is worth saying louder, which is why there is most importantly a retractable mic to amplify that wonderful singing!Requires 4 x AA batteries (included).
B Critter Clinic
B Critter Clinic £35.00
The Critter Clinic from B features colour match keys to unlock each of the doors as well as two cute soft toy patients. The hospital includes six private rooms and five vet tools to store inside (1 x hospital,1 x stethoscope,1 x syringe,1 x mirror,1 x tweezers,1 x thermometer)
B Woofer
B Woofer £35.00
The Woofer from B is full of funky features that will certainly keep kids busy for hours! The product features three different play modes: electric, acoustic or hound dog. Chose your mood! Alternatively kids could chose one of 20 sing-along favourites or one of nine peppy puppy songs with the lyric and music book included. Learn to strum and play the Woofer with eight musical buttons that represent realistic C to C chords. Why not press the whammy dog bone to customise any song! The Woofer comes with three AA batteries ready to slot in and start rocking or howling! Forget to turn it off? Panic not, the batteries will never drain either as the clever Woofer has a auto-off mechanism that will turn itself off after two minutes!Requires 3 x AA batteries (included).
B Fish and Splish
B Fish and Splish £30.00
The Fish and Splish from B - This stunning fishing boat really floats so is excellent fun in the bath!Containing a captain, plus various sea creatures, plus some nesting cups there is heaps to do to make bathtime fun. Teaching children to keep clean is easy too, as the whale is a smart nailbrush and the octopus is wide toothed hair comb. The fishing line on the back of the boat can be used to catch any of these colourful creatures plus the nesting cups can be used for stacking or pouring too!
B Sugar Chute
B Sugar Chute £30.00
The Sugar Chute from B - Load the 12 beautiful multicoloured balls in to the top of the Sugar Chute bowl and it's ready to go. Twist the winding white key, press the yellow levered button and push the blue lever to reveal the wonderful decorated ball! Simply lift the hinged door to get the ball, toss it back in to the top of the bowl and your ready to roll again! Each of the 12 balls is multicoloured and a special few also have a sounds. Some of the balls have crackles and rattles hidden inside them so when they are on their way down you can hear them, not only this but upon shaking the ball it makes a pleasing sound.
B Times Square
B Times Square £30.00
The Times Square from B comes with six different activities to play with on each of the different side of the cube face! This product is definitely a toy that will help to encourage many different learning aspects such as numeracy and literacy skills, new vocabulary and hand eye co-ordination. Times square also features an on and off button so parents can have some peace and quiet.Requires 3 x AA batteries (included).
B Jungle Jingles
B Jungle Jingles £28.00
Get the jungle jumping with six wild instruments! The Jungle Jingles from B includes a 10-bell tambourine with snake stick. Antelope slide whistle, twister hand drum and two shaka-shaka giraffe maracas.
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