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Price reductions at Early Learning Centre

by Jessica - February 21st, 2014.
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Early Learning Centre reduced the price on these excellent toys today
Food Mixer and Accessories
Food Mixer and Accessories was £20.00 now £10.00
Realistic food mixer and accessories, great for creating recipes and baking your own delicious cakes.The Complete Baking Set is a collection of fun, bright cookware, perfect for play mixing, whisking, and blending. The working food mixer comes with 13 accessories, including a rolling pin, weighing scale, spatula and measuring jug. It has two modes, manual and automatic, and a red light that comes on when it's whisking. The two whisks are easily detachable, and the mixer as a whole can be either hand-held or stand-alone – it detaches from its base at the press of a button.Quick facts:•Working food mixer with 13 accessories•Switch on to see the red light•Mixer has automatic and manual modes•Detachable whisks•Set includes kitchen scale, spatula and play cakesGreat for your child's development:The Complete Baking Set is a rich source of ideas for your child's imaginative games. Copying how they've seen Mum and Dad cook at home and adding their own spin helps your child understand what really happens when people cook, and means there's no end of cooking adventures your child can go on, from baking cookies for a teddy tea party to being a TV chef. And pretend baking alongside a friend is a great way for your child to practise their social skills.ELC star quality:We love the Complete Baking Set because it's so realistic, with an electric whisk, rolling pin, measuring jug and other utensils just like the ones we have in the kitchen. So your child's baking play can be as detailed as real cooking – weighing ingredients, rolling out pastry and turning the delicious cakes out of their tin.What you need to know:-Contents: 1 mixer with bowl, 2 whisks, 1 kitchen scale, 1 mixing bowl, 1 cake tray, 4 cakes, 1 measuring cup, 1 rolling pin, 1 spatula and 1 measuring spoon set-Batteries: Requires 2 x AA batteries-Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts-For pretend play only. Do not eat or drink food made in this toyPlaying tips:Mix it upLet's scoop, measure and poor pretend ingredients into the bowl. We can put it in the mixer, pick a whisk and switch it on.Play bakingLet pour the play mixture into the cake moulds. Now we can put them in the play oven to bake.Tea party timeLet's share the play muffins. We can offer them to Mum or Dad, or have a teddies' tea party. We can mix up more cakes whenever we like.Great for:Little hands to stir, whisk and enjoyFun pretend bakingPlay cooking with Mum or DadEnjoying ''real world'' pretend playBoosting confidencePlaying with a friend or by yourself.
Big City Superwheels Cars - 20 Piece
Big City Superwheels Cars - 20 Piece was £20.00 now £16.00
20 Big City Superwheels Cars: colourful die-cast real-life vehicles for racing and chasing across the floor.This is a fantastic Big City Superwheels Cars selection of 20 colourful die-cast cars, including sports cars, vans, open-tops and more. These cars are real-life makes, including a Mini, Porsche, and VW Beetle. They are a classic toy for your child to enjoy speeding across the room, zooming down slopes and setting up races across the floor. The Big City Superwheels Cars are easy to take out and about with you, and are also great for playing with the Big City Garage or the Big City Deluxe Roadway Rug (both available separately).Quick facts:•Big City Superwheels Cars: 20 die-cast vehicles•Cool real-life cars to race, chase and crash on the floor•Classic toys for every child to enjoy•Great for playing with the Big City Garage (available separately)Great for your child's development:Driving die-cast cars around is a timeless way for your child to play. While they're enjoying racing, chasing and crashing the cars, your child is also discovering how objects behave. Setting up imaginary car chases, imagining they're driving the car, or inventing their own tough terrain and obstacle courses is a good way for your child to use their imagination and enjoy pretend play. Setting up rally races or police pursuits with a friend is also a fun way to build social and communication skills. ELC star quality:We love this Big City Superwheels Cars set because they are such a simple but classic toy collection – and include fantastic real-life cars. Pushing die-cast cars around is such a classic and rewarding way for children (and grown ups for that matter) to play. These cars are versatile– your child can take them wherever they like by inventing their own scenarios of roadtrips, holidays, police chases, motor races … or whatever they like. These cars are also easy to take out and about with you, and fun to play with a toy garage, such as the Big City Garage (available separately). What you need to know:Pack contents: 20 x 1:64-scale die-cast carsOther toys and accessories available separately. Safety warnings: Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.Playing tips: Time to driveLet's zoom the cars across the room. We can build a track with books, ramps and traps and see which one wins.Just like the moviesLet's give the cars their own characters, drive them round a 'town' on the floor, and park them up.Great for:Driving, racing, chasing and parkingFilling a garageDriving around a road matEnjoying years of fun drivingChoosing your favourites and lining them up