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by Jessica - February 20th, 2014.
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Evo Stunt Scooter
Evo Stunt Scooter £59.99
Pull off tricks like a pro with the Evo Stunt Scooter. The lightweight yet sturdy design is great for smooth riding and testing out new moves. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner though, as the high spec wheels and brakes are just the thing for budding riders. What’s more, the Evo Stunt Scooter’s cool black frame and neon orange graphics means you’re sure to turn heads when out and about. Measuring 81cm tall, 66cm long and 46.5cm wide, this scooter is a perfect size for kids aged eight and up.
Hexbug Nano Hive Playset
Hexbug Nano Hive Playset £25.00
The Hexbug Nano Hive Playset is a massive, multi-story habitat that's guaranteed to give your Hexbug Nanos an action packed work-out. Thanks to the clever fold-up design and carry handle, this 40cm playset is easy to take to friends' houses or on holiday. Once it's open, choose where to setup the cool obstacles and then send your Nanos off to explore. They'll find: 16 flags to send your Hexbugs off in a different direction 2 merry go rounds 1 see-saw A ramp to take Nanos up to the top floor The Hive playset also comes with an extremely rare Hexbug Nano mutation to get you started. It needs a LR44 cell battery which is included.
Minecraft 3D Hanger
Minecraft 3D Hanger £5.00
Now you can take your favourite Minecraft characters everywhere thanks to these detailed 3D Hangers. There are 10 styles available including: Steve, Creeper, Cow, Sheep, Pig and more! Use your Minecraft Hanger as a keychain, attach it your backpack or even clip it to your belt and show you're the ultimate Minecraft fan. An ideal gift for kids aged six and up. Unfortunately it's not possible to choose a specific figure, but don't worry - we'll pick a good one for you.
Dragons Defenders of Berk - Hatching Dragons
Dragons Defenders of Berk - Hatching Dragons £4.00
 Unfortunately it's not possible to choose a specific dragon, but don't worry - we'll pick a good one for you.