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New toys at Hamleys

by Jessica - February 16th, 2014.
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Hamleys just added these excellent new toys
Disney Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Centre
Disney Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Centre £90.00
Visit Disney Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Centre! Place Lambie on the tabletop to hear Doc's phrases during her check up! Flip-through the electronic Book of Boo Boos, chat to Hallie using the phone and view interchangeable light up X-Ray Cards. Comes with lots of fun extras that a little doctor needs! - Lambie figure, assorted tools, moveable play scale and a pull down eye chart. Set includes: check up centre, Lambie figure, play phone, play scale, pretend knee hammer, pretend syringe, pretend otocsope, 2 x X-Ray slides, sticker dispenser with sticker roll and 3 tool holders. For ages 3 and up.Requires 3 x AA batteries (included).
Disney Doc McStuffins Clinic Playhouse
Disney Doc McStuffins Clinic Playhouse £50.00
It's time for a checkup with everyone's favourite doctor! Doc McStuffins is always ready to fix you up, stop those sniffles and send you on your way for another day of play! Doc's 2 floor clinic playhouse from the show includes sounds and phrases & fun play features. Watch Hallie & Lambie jump and down on the clinic bed and listen to them talk! Play in Doc's bedroom on the top floor and then take care of the toys in the clinic on bottom floor! This large Clinic Playhouse comes with Hallie, Lambie & Stuffy, Clinic Table & Clinic Bed, Scale, Hallie's reception desk with phone, Doc's Bed and lots of fun accessories. For ages 3+.Requires 3 x LR44 batteries (included).
Disney Doc McStuffins Lambie Boo Boo
Disney Doc McStuffins Lambie Boo Boo £25.00
Dottie 'Doc' McStuffins, a six year old girl, 'fixes' toys, with a little help from her stuffed animal friends, Stuffy, Hallie, Lambie and Chilly. Make Lambie feel better! Lambie's tummy lights up with a soft red light and you can hear her emit a "pain sound" when she is suffering from a belly ache. Perfect for role play your favourite soft & cuddly friend comes with a "syringe" that cures Lambie. The soft red light will disappear and a "relief" sound can be heard when Lambie has recovered. This Fun and cuddly Disney Doc McStuffins Lambie Boo Boo doubles up as a reassuring night light to take to bed. Gently press her hand and watch her tummy light up as a reassuring and fun night time friend. Suitable for ages 12 months and above.Requires 2 x AA batteries (included).
Disney Doc McStuffins Role Play Set
Disney Doc McStuffins Role Play Set £25.00
Disney Doc McStuffins is everyone's favourite toy doctor, and now, your little one can dress up just like her using the Doc Mcstuffins Doctor's Role Play Set! Your set includes Doc's signature white lab coat with buttons, doctor's name badge with interchangeable inserts, her super sparkly pink headband and of course, her stethoscope! _x000D_For ages 3 and up.
My Living World Butterfly World
My Living World Butterfly World £18.00
A butterfly's life cycle is one of nature's most amazing transformations. Nick Baker's My Living World Butterfly World is a hands-on nature study kit that contains all the equipment required to observe and study the fascinating life cycle of butterflies. From a tiny bead of an egg that hatches into a leaf munching caterpillar, to the flying work of natural art that is the adult butterfly. This fun and interactive kit includes a colour illustrated activity guide, written by Nick Baker, which includes interesting facts about butterflies.
My Living World Ant World
My Living World Ant World £14.00
Discover the fascinating life of ants in an ideal environment. Watch the ants build tunnels, keep their home tidy and feed each other. Study chemo-communication and ant morse code. The best entertainment for a young naturalist! Nick Baker's My Living World Ant World provides hours of fun as well as being educational. Children are encouraged to collect their own ants and told how to in the 24-page activity guide, written by naturalist Nick Baker. An Interplay order form for ants will also be included in the retail box. This kit supports National Curriculum KS1 and KS2.
Reeves 24 Acrylic Tube Set
Reeves 24 Acrylic Tube Set £13.00
Reeves 24 Acrylic Tube Set: Start to art range for all ages. Reeves Fine Artist Quality Acrylic Colours have a high pigment concentration to give them excellent lightfastness and strong vibrant colours. Reeves acrylic paints also offer outstanding coverage. The superior acrylic resin used guarantees excellent adhesion and a free flowing consistency. The Reeves 24 Acrylic Tube Set includes: 24 x 10ml tubes.
My Living World Bug Safari
My Living World Bug Safari £10.00
All kids love bugs, and Nick Baker's My Living World Bug Safari provides them with easy to use, professional quality equipment to enable them to catch, study and identify common mini-beasts in their gardens, in parks or in the countryside. Includes a full colour 20-page booklet written by wildlife expert Nick Baker on how to use the equipment, and charts to help identify the creatures caught.
myStyle Gorgeous Girly Card Kit
myStyle Gorgeous Girly Card Kit £10.00
Make nine glamorous greeting cards in different designs with the myStyle Gorgeous Girly Card Kit. Send your message in style with sparkly hearts, handbags or even a beautiful butterfly. Use the coloured card provided and, with the help of the 16-page colour illustrated activity guide, build up fabulous 3D designs, then decorate with feathers, sequins and ribbons, and finish with a sprinkle of glitter. Say 'happy birthday', 'get well soon' or just a simple 'hello' with a personalised greeting card any girl would be over the moon to receive!
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