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New toys at Hamleys

by Jessica - February 13th, 2014.
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New toys today at Hamleys
LEGO Star Wars Death Fighter 10188
LEGO Star Wars Death Fighter 10188 £150.00
Recreate the action and adventure of the Star Wars movies with the ultimate LEGO Star Wars Death Fighter! This detailed battle station features an incredible array of minifigure-scale scenes and accessories from Episodes IV and VI on its five decks, including the Death Star control room, moving turbolaser turrets, hangar bay with TIE Advanced starfighter, tractor beam controls, Emperor's throne room, detention block, Imperial conference room, droid maintenance facility, and the powerful Death Star superlaser... Plus much more! Swing across the chasm with Luke and Leia, face danger in the crushing trash compactor, and duel with Darth Vader for the fate of the galaxy. Includes 25 Star Wars characters and droids! Contains 3,802 pieces. For ages 12 and up.
LEGO Creator Grand Emporium 10211
LEGO Creator Grand Emporium 10211 £100.00
The LEGO Modular Buildings series continues with this spectacularly detailed 3-story department store, designed in a realistic scale with lots of special building techniques and rare pieces. On the street outside, citizens carry shopping bags, send letters at the mailbox, admire the window mannequins, and cool off at the ice cream stand while a busy window washer works above. Enter through the revolving door to discover a ground-floor clothing department, complete with a cash register, fitting room, hats, jewelry, perfume, and even a selection of spare trousers. A brick-built escalator carries customers to the second floor housewares department with glassware and golden plates for special occasions, and then it's up to the top floor for the toy department (complete with toy house and push-scooter) and a great big chandelier above the open atrium. Up on the roof are a billboard and skylight! The LEGO Creator Grand Emporium includes 7 minifigures and 2,182 pieces. Measures 15 in (38 cm) high and 10 in (25 cm) wide. For ages 16 and up.
Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Flying Hero
Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Flying Hero £15.00
To Infinity and Beyond! Toy Story fans will love this superb Buzz Lightyear flying figure. Grip it! Rip it! and launch your Buzz Lightyear high into the sky. Hold Buzz Lightyears' hand launcher and pull the cord, the harder you pull the faster he spins and the higher he will fly!
One Direction Laptop Desk
One Direction Laptop Desk £14.00
Use the One Direction Laptop Desk to write, draw rest you laptop, it has endless uses. Use it whilst sitting on the sofa, or in bed, in a car for those long journeys.
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