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Play mobil at Hamleys

by Mogga - February 11th, 2014.
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Playmobil Lion Knight's Empire Castle 4865
The Playmobil Lion Knights Empire Castle is a large fortress measuring 72 cm wide by 62cm tall. The castle features a rock fall trap at the entrance, a working lift in the tower, a trap door in the turret and a folding trap wall to evict the enemies from the castle grounds. There are two lockable cells and a breakthrough wall. Comes complete with 3 knights dressed in armour, a king and queen and an evil knight with cannon. The set includes 2 horses, a full set of armoury for all the knights and lots of accessories.

Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle 5142
The Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle is the perfect place for a royal family to live. There is a lockable hiding place for the jewels in the top tower, golden gates at the front and a rotating dance floor in the ballroom. Includes a crown and jewellery box.

LEGO Technic Mobile Crane MK II 42009
Get ready for the biggest, most complex LEGO Technic model ever - the Mobile Crane MK II! Drive this 2,350-piece behemoth of a model into position with the cool 8-wheel steering and rotate the superstructure. Then activate the included LEGO Power Functions motor to extend the outriggers, lower the feet and extend or raise the crane arm up to 75cm into the air. Lower the hook with the working winch and get ready to lift the load! This authentic 2-in-1 model also features 10 wheels, 5 axles and a detailed V8 motor with moving pistons. Rebuilds into a container stacker and truck featuring Power Functions motor-powered extending and raising boom.Requires 6 x AA batteries (not included).

Playmobil Grande Mansion 5302
The Playmobil Grande Mansion is angled for easy play access. The house features 3 floors each joined by a spiral staircase and a functioning door bell. There is a balcony on floors 1 & 2 with opening windows, shutters and changeable curtains.Pack includes 2 Playmobil figures. Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included).

Playmobil Cargo Train 5258
The Playmobil RC Freight Train has working headlights and the roof of the cab can be removed. It also features sound effects with horn sound and track noises. The sides of the trailer can be lowered, and includes three cargo crates. Comes complete with a remote control with speed gauge, track measuring 1.44m and 2 Playmobil figures.Requires 1 x 9V & 4 x AA batteries (included).

Playmobil Shopping Mall 5485
The Playmobil Shopping Mall has lots of things to see and do. There is a sports shop, a luggage store, bridal boutique and a ladies clothing store. The shopping mall also features an ice-cream vendor and canteen. There is a lift to access the upper level and a functional cash machine for when you've spent all your money. All shoppers have clothes that can be interchanged with other clothes in the shopping theme (5486 - 5491 sold separately). The set comes complete with 7 Playmobil figures and over 100 accessories.

Playmobil Hotel 5265
The Playmobil Large Furnished Hotel is the perfect getaway for everyone! There is a reception desk with guest files and magazine rack, a canteen with breakfast buffet bar and seating and a children's play room. The lift takes you upstairs to the bedrooms. Each room has a lockable door that can be opened with a key card, and is furnished with a double bed for the parents, a cot or bunk bed for the children and a shower room. There is even a little terrace to enjoy any sunshine that may appear! Includes 7 Playmobil figures, including three hotel staff.

Playmobil Great Asian Dragon Castle 5479
The Playmobil Great Asian Dragon Castle is the perfect stronghold for the red dragon knights. The castle features a portcullis at the front and a stone cave to house the magic crystal. There is a mobile firing crossbow and trap door for when enemies attack. The set comes complete with a golden dragon, 4 Playmobil red dragon knights and lots of accessories.Requires 1 x AAA batteries (not included).

Playmobil Large Horse Farm With Paddock 5221
The Playmobil Large Pony Farm has 4 horse stalls and storage space in the loft. The large fenced area around the pony farm is perfect for feeding and exercising the horses. The set includes 2 thoroughbred horses and a foal along with cats, birds and hedgehogs. Comes complete with 2 Playmobil keepers, 12 animals and over 45 accessories.

Playmobil Fort (International) 5245
The Playmobil Western Fort comes complete with a storage cabin for food, ammunition and weapons, a look out post to see when enemies are approaching and a lockable jail cell for keeping them after capture. There is a firing cannon from the ramparts, and the entrance gate is large enough to fit the Covered Wagon through (set 5248, sold separately). Includes 6 Playmobil figures, including two Native American warriors.

Playmobil Adventure Treasure Island 5134
The Playmobil Adventure Treasure Island measures 70 cm in width and features a fire-code puzzle game with 5 difficulty levels. The treasure cave can only be opened by placing the special animal coins in front of the cave in the same order as the fire icons. If you get the order wrong the game will trigger a rock fall trap. The island has many pitfalls including a bamboo tree maze, a firing cannon, hidden steps and a quick sand pit. The set comes complete with a row boat that floats, 3 Playmobil Pirates, lots of treasure and 5 animal coins. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included).

Playmobil New Farm With Silo 5119
The Playmobil Barn with Silo features cow stalls with milking machine and feeding pens for the pigs. There is a working hoist to lift goods up to the loft. The silo can be filled with animal feed and automatically dispenses when the nozzle is pulled down. The door of the barn is large enough to drive the tractor with trailer through (Playmobil item 5121 - sold separately). The set includes a Playmobil family of 3, 19 animals and over 35 accessories.