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New toys at Hamleys

by Jessica - February 11th, 2014.
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Over a hundred excellent new toys added today at Hamleys
Playmobil Great Asian Dragon Castle 5479
Playmobil Great Asian Dragon Castle 5479 £100.00
The Playmobil Great Asian Dragon Castle is the perfect stronghold for the red dragon knights. The castle features a portcullis at the front and a stone cave to house the magic crystal. There is a mobile firing crossbow and trap door for when enemies attack. The set comes complete with a golden dragon, 4 Playmobil red dragon knights and lots of accessories.Requires 1 x AAA batteries (not included).
Playmobil Shopping Mall 5485
Playmobil Shopping Mall 5485 £100.00
The Playmobil Shopping Mall has lots of things to see and do. There is a sports shop, a luggage store, bridal boutique and a ladies clothing store. The shopping mall also features an ice-cream vendor and canteen. There is a lift to access the upper level and a functional cash machine for when you've spent all your money. All shoppers have clothes that can be interchanged with other clothes in the shopping theme (5486 - 5491 sold separately). The set comes complete with 7 Playmobil figures and over 100 accessories.
Janod Giant Story Far West
Janod Giant Story Far West £70.00
Look out the window as you ride in the Pony Express and see the bison grazing and Indians gathered around their teepee. The Janod Giant Story Far West is a wild west themed storybox set with 15 wooden pieces, train and circuit track. The box is designed to be used during play and is made from heavy duty card. Stimulating role play, little sheriffs will love chasing outlaws, riding the steam train and protecting the Pony Express.
Playmobil Secret Dragon Fort 5480
Playmobil Secret Dragon Fort 5480 £70.00
The Playmobil Secret Dragon Fort has a lifting portcullis and a blue dragon fire light. There is a firing crossbow on the roof and two dragons keeping watch from the air. The set includes 2 Playmobil green dragon knights, 2 dragons and lots of accessories.Requires 1 x AAA batteries (not included).
Janod Giant Story Farm
Janod Giant Story Farm £70.00
Put on your wellies and help the farmer tend his animals in this traditional Janod Giant Story Farm. The box is made from heavy duty card designed for play while the 23 wooden figures include and farmer and his wife, various animals, a tractor and other farm pieces. Completing the set is a 5 piece train set and circuit track. A perfect addition to any playroom for boys and girls alike.
Janod Giant Story Circus
Janod Giant Story Circus £70.00
Jump on board the circus train and take a ride to the big top with the Janod Giant Story Circus. Watch the elephants perform balancing tricks and the monkey on the highwire! A heavy duty cardboard storybox designed to be included in play comes complete with 23 wooden figures including a ringmaster, animals, clowns and a ring of fire, to name a few. A train with three carriages, giraffe and bale of hay plus a circuit track complete the set. Little performers will love creating a show for an audience of their very own.
Playmobil RC Pirate Ship 5238
Playmobil RC Pirate Ship 5238 £60.00
The Playmobil RC Pirate Ship floats on water and has a remote control underwater motor to propel it through the water. The RC unit has an alarm to tell you when the ship is going out of range and will automatically turn around before it is too late. There is also an alarm to tell you when the batteries are running low. The set includes 2 firing cannons, 3 Playmobil pirates complete with weapons and a treasure chest.Requires 6 x AA & 1 9V batteries (not included).
Playmobil Large Crane with Infra-Red Remote Control 5466
Playmobil Large Crane with Infra-Red Remote Control 5466 £60.00
The Playmobil Large Crane with Infra-Red Remote Control measures 77 cm in height and has 4 feet for stability. The crane can be rotated 360 degrees and the arm moves in and out and up and down. All motions are contrilled from the included infra-red remote control. The set includes 1 Playmobil workman and lifting crate.Requires 6 x AA batteries (not included).
Playmobil Alpine Cable Car 5426
Playmobil Alpine Cable Car 5426 £50.00
The Playmobil Alpine Cable Car is the perfect travel up the mountain. The rope system spans 2 metres and the upper level can be fixed to tables, shelves etc. The lower level is weighted and has the pulley system to operate the cable car up and down. The set includes 4 Playmobil figures and hiking accessories.
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