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Junior Scholars

by Mogga - January 29th, 2014.
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jslogoEducation, Education, Education! Your Child's Future: Junior Scholars Have Got It Covered.

Junior Scholars is an educational online retailer based in a high street shop and offices in Watford, Hertfordshire, UK. Their mission is to help parents, teachers and schools find the best resources to ensure every child has the best start in education. The recent UK PISA performance shows that kids in the UK have a long way to go in catching up with the likes of China, Singapore and Canada in Maths, English, reading and science. What can be done to help improve the UK?s performance in education? A good early start in learning is crucial for our children's future.

We know from the earliest age that baby can learn through play, so JuniorScholar's have taken this head on with a range of learning and educational toys, games and books to delight and entertain. I took a closer look at their online offering and what makes them different from other online toys and games retailers.

Firstly, the website is colourfully displayed and it is easy to navigate the different age groups to find what you are looking for. You can filter on interest, subject, product type or brand. There are over 1400 products to choose from that help play and study at each stage of your child's development, right through to their teenage years. They also stock the major brands like Galt, Orchard Toys, Horrible Science as well as 11+ GL assessment and test papers and the popular Heinemann math's range. Their product range is also strong for toddlers and the early years age range.

For nurseries or schools, they offer a bulk discount of ten percent off, which if you are part of a larger nursery group can be a justifiable incentive to purchase big for the whole year.

I'm a big fan of eco and fair trade toys, and on their site found the Lanka Kade wooden jigsaw range, which is hand painted made from sustainable rubber wood. I know the quality and robustness will stand the test of time from my 2 year old nephew.

JuniorScholars also run Kids events that are centered around arts crafts and play. Drawn on the experience of Celia, (an ex Prep school teacher), who seems to be a natural on camera, as she shows how to make clay cottages and cats out of cardboard and paper, could have been mistaken for an early Blue Peter episode back in the day. The events look great fun which incorporate play activities, colouring, drawing, quizzes, prizes and refreshments. Their past events can be viewed on the Junior Scholar's youtube channel.

They also have a strong following on Facebook and an active blog with varied content and featured categories,'help my child', kids education, product reviews to parenting and teaching tips.