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New toys at Early Learning Centre

by Jessica - January 1st, 2014.
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New toys today at Early Learning Centre
12 Recreation Mats
12 Recreation Mats £40.00
Coming in a pack of twelve to cover a larger area, these colourful foam floor mats provide a soft protective area for your little one to play on indoors or outdoors. The mats interlock like a jigsaw puzzle, so your little one will have almost as much fun putting them down as playing on them. Connect them up in a line, piece them together in a rectangle or even use them separately as different activity stations.Jump up and down, roll around, practice gymnastics and dance- the mats are a great excuse to have some active fun.Quick facts:-12 interlocking mats-Fun and colourful-Line them up, group them together or play on them separately.Not suitable for children under 36 months.Colours may vary.
Remote Control Cobra
Remote Control Cobra £25.00
Cobra controlSlither the cobra around the room. Investigate corners, manoeuvre around obstacles and search for food. Terrify Mum and Dad. Using a remote control helps develop hand to eye co-ordination.Snake on the looseInvent snaky adventures together. Sneak up on prey. Slither out from behind a chair. Enjoying imaginative play with friends builds rewarding social skills.Quick facts:-Remote control snake with realistic movement-Light up eyes-Go forwards, left or right-Great for imaginative play
Wild Animal Set
Wild Animal Set £25.00
The Wild Animal Set has 17 realistic-looking animals for your child to enjoy bringing to life. Great for years of fun imaginative play. The Wild Animal Set is a classic set of realistic-looking toy animals. The timeless appeal of play animals means this Wild Animal Set will last your child for years. Your child can bring the animals to life, and make them run, hop, or climb. Your child can also add lots of fun animal noises, so listen out for roars, hisses and growls. The Wild Animal Set is great for inspiring imaginative play, and also fun to play with other toys, such as Brambledale Farm or the Safari Vet Set (both available separately), and lots more. Quick facts:•Wild Animal Set with realistic-looking animals•17 classic wild and farm animals•Inspires fun imaginative animal games•Great for making lots of animal noisesGreat for your child's development:The Wild Animal Set is a lovely inspiration for imaginative play for your child. Bringing animals to life is a timeless way for your child to lose themselves in pretend play. Pretend play is a key way that children start to understand the real world, enjoy themselves, and learn to think creatively. As your child expands their imagination, they are learning valuable thinking skills too. These realistic toy animals help your child learn about the real world, and encourage them to discover more about animals. Moving the creatures in the Wild Animal Set around is good for little fingers to gain strength and precision too. ELC star quality:We love the Wild Animal Set because it is an utterly timeless toy that will bring natural joy to your child. These toy farm animals are so simple, but they can be used for so much fun play by your child. Whether it's making their own zoo or farm, or adding them to a dolls' house or train set – your child is in charge with this classic Wild Animal Set. And what can be more fun than setting up chases and animal antics, and adding your own trumpets and whinnies?What you need to know:Pack contents: 17 plastic play animals: ewe, ram, rhinoceros, alligator, gazelle, snake, horse, cow, lion, cheetah, monkey, giraffe, bear, zebra, rabbit, tiger, elephant. Other toys and accessories available separately. Safety warnings: Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.Playing tips: Bring animals to lifeLet's chase the different animals after each other on the floor, and make lots of noisy roars, snaps and growls. Who's chasing after whom?Safari so goodLet's use blocks and other toys to create a wild zone for the creatures to live in. We can make a safari park or zoo … but it'll be mayhem if they escape.Great forBringing creatures to lifeMaking animal noisesPlaying together or by yourselfInspiring imaginative playSparking a love of animals.Not suitable for under 36 months due to small parts .
Big City Carpet Playmat
Big City Carpet Playmat £25.00
This high-quality roll-up carpet mat is perfect for any little motoring enthusiast's room: with lots of detailed images, it's great fun to explore around the city with other toys and toy cars (available separately). Leave it on the floor as a room rug or roll it up for storage.Quick facts:-Carpet rug with road pattern-City life details-Great for imaginative play.Not suitable for children under 36 months.
Bosch Workbench with Helmet
Bosch Workbench with Helmet £25.00
Aspiring engineers and mechanics will love the feature-packed Bosch workbench, complete with play tools and accessories.Quick facts:-Includes 77 items including1 x Helmet1 x Saw1 x Spanner1 x Wrench1 x clamp1 x hammer1 x Screwdriver (hand)1 x Level1 x File1 x PliersAnd a variety of different nuts and bolts and accessories included.-Warning: the helmet is not protective, and is a costume item only for use with the toy workbench-Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small partsGreat for your child's development:With plenty of play tools, storage and lots of space on the table to play, the Bosch workbench is a brilliant kit for inspiring the imagination. It's perfect for friends to play together, boosting social and communication skills, and will help your little one discover the world of tools and mechanics through pretend play.ELC star quality:We love the Bosch workbench because it looks so real: your little one will love the realistic look of the tools, and will feel grown up as they play while keeping safe with the blunt plastic accessories.Playing tips:Let's get engineering! Put on your helmet for a day of inventing. Pick up the bars, choose some nuts and bolts and start screwing pieces together. Arrange the cogs on the turntable so that they're all linked together and turn the handle to watch them all spin. Arrange your tools neatly on the hooks so they're easy to reach, and store everything in the trays to play another day.Great for:-Strengthening little fingers-Building hand-to-eye coordination-Learning how to use tools-Roleplaying fun!
Big City Spiral Race Ramp
Big City Spiral Race Ramp £25.00
Send two cars racing down the spiral ramps and across the floor!Quick facts:-Double spiral run for two die-cast cars (available separately)-Set the cars at the top of the track-Push the buttons to release the cars-Attaches to the Big City Garage (available separately)Great for your child's development:The Big City Spiral Ramp is great for feeing the imagination. Your child will love watching their cars whizz down the ramps, pitting cars against each other, and playing with friends too. The release buttons are great for developing coordination too, as your little one practises releasing cars at the exact same time.ELC star quality:We love the Big City Spiral Race Ramp because it's great for both solo play and playing with others. It also makes a fantastic addition to the Big City Garage to extend play value and give your little one even more opportunities to make up adventures.What you need to know:-Die-cast cars and garage sold separately-Not suitable for children under 36 monthsPlaying tips:Racing carsPop one car at the top on one side, and a second on the other. Begin a countdown to build tension: 3, 2, 1, GO! Push both buttons at the same time, watch the barriers fly open and the cars race down and around the ramp at top speed. Which one will get to the bottom first, and which one will travel the furthest?Big City BattlesAttach the Spiral Race Ramp to the Big City Garage and add more cars: now the race is even bigger! Drive the cars up the top ramp of the Spiral Race Ramp to join another car waiting for a race.Great for:-Racing against friends-Timing cars zooming down the spirals-Seeing how far your cars go across the floor!
Under The Sea Ball Pit
Under The Sea Ball Pit £18.00
Your little one will love the bright colours and boat shape of this ball pit. Purchase a bag of playballs separately and fill the ball pit with them: your child will have hours of fun crawling, rolling, throwing and posting the balls through the cut-out holes.Quick facts:-Sea-themed ball pit (balls not included)-Cut out portholes for popping play balls through-Great for active play and development of motor skills
Freddy the Fish Bubble Machine
Freddy the Fish Bubble Machine £15.00
Flora the Fish bubble machine available separately.Freddy the Fish blows hundreds of magical bubbles from his mouth. Sit him in the garden and watch the bubbles float around in the breeze, and create a fun, 'bubbly' atmosphere at parties. Make Freddy drink the included bubble liquid and switch him on to start the fan up and get the bubble wands rotating.Includes Freddy the Fish bubble machine and a 4 floz/114ml bottle of bubble solution. Quick facts:-Fish-shaped bubble machine-Rotating bubble wand wheel blows bubbles out of mouth-Includes bubble solution-Great for active and imaginative playRequires 6 x AA batteries. Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months.
Blossom Farm Woolly Lamb Night Light
Blossom Farm Woolly Lamb Night Light £15.00
The Blossom Farm Woolly Lamb Night Light has a calm colour changing dome and plays five relaxing lullabies, perfect for soothing your baby before they fall asleep. The dome sits in a cute lamb plush with a friendly face and woolly body, it is machine washable, allowing you to keep it fresh and clean.Quick Facts:Colour changing domePlays 5 lullabiesPlush is machine washableSuitable from birthRequires 2 x AA batteries
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