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New toys at Early Learning Centre

by Jessica - December 19th, 2013.
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Early Learning Centre just added these excellent new toys
Silver Cross Surf Pram - Pink
Silver Cross Surf Pram - Pink £64.99
This replica of the Silver Cross Surf Pram is perfect for imaginative play. This lovely nursery pram features a stylish modern design and a reversible pram body which allows your little one to use it in a front or rear facing position, so their dolly can see their parent or surroundings.Tilt the pram to convert it into a pushchair. It has a comfortable grip handle height of 79cm and comes in an adorable pink fabric.Quick Facts:A replica of the Silver Cross Surf pramReversible pram body that can be used in a front or rear facing positionFeatures gorgeous pink fabricConvert the pram into a pushchairFits dolls up to 50cmDoll not includedSuitable for children over 36 months.
HappyLand Pirate Ship
HappyLand Pirate Ship £35.00
Avast, ye landlubbers! The crew have battled long and hard, and at last the treasure is within their grasp. Help them row the treasure chest back to the main ship and receive a hearty hero's welcome.Quick facts:-Set includes four pirate characters-Great for encouraging early speaking skills-Inspires the imagination-Helps develop hand-to-eye coordination skills and motor skills.Great for your child's development:Great for imaginative play, your little one will love bringing this ragtag bunch of scurvy seadogs to life by giving them their own voices and personalities, and will have great fun creating lots of stories and adventures about sailing the seven seas. Playing together encourages your child to start talking and trying new words, and moving the chunky, easy to grip pieces around helps strengthen little fingers.ELC star quality:We love the HappyLand pirate ship because it's a great way to inspire your little one's imagination. With four pirates, a treasure chest and a rowboat included, your child will enjoy hours of imaginative play, making up plenty of stories about the pirates and bringing them to life by giving each of them a voice of their own.What you need to know:-Includes pirate ship, 4 pirates, treasure chest, life boat and a table-Suitable from 18 monthsPlaying tips:Scramble up to the crow's nest to peer through the telescope and search for lands with more treasure, man the cannon at the front to ward off enemies, and man the helm to steer the ship. At the end of a long day of pirating, retire into the cabins to rest up for a new day of adventures.Great for:-Playing pirates and hunting treasure-Sailing the ship around the room-Bringing the pirates to life-Hiding and finding the treasure-Punishing mutinous crew: walk the plank!-Encouraging talking and learning new words-Discovering pretend play-Developing strength and precision in little fingers
Aquadoodle Classic
Aquadoodle Classic £19.99
Aquadoodle is the new name for AquaDraw, the no mess, drawing with water creative toy. Good clean fun – no ink, no brushes, no paint to run. Aquadoodle Classic is a lovely large mat which allows young children to develop their drawing skills by using only water. Simply fill the Aquadoodle pen with water and draw on the mat – doodles appear as if by magic. Features all the magic of Aquadraw – no mess drawing with water – now in glorious technicolour. Create pictures with the Aquadoodle pen or make larger paint brush effects with the special paintbrush pen. The bright fun pictures around the edge are all based on the water theme to inspire children's imaginations.Let little hands create their own masterpieces and this can be used over and over again as the water dries the picture fades and the mat is ready for the next creation.Bright fun pictures around the edge help with letter and number learning and are great for copying basic writing strokes. The mat size is 74.5 (l) x 75 (w) cms and it is roughly 1cm in height.Includes: 1 Aquadoodle mat and 1 Aquadoodle pen.
Metallic Spiderman Costume 5-6 years
Metallic Spiderman Costume 5-6 years £18.00
Spiderman fans will love dressing up to save the day, just like their favourite superhero. This all in one costume features armoured metallic look for a more dramatic effect, and is perfect for active and imaginative play.Quick facts:-Spiderman outfit-Metallic effect-Great for roleplaying fun or fancy dress parties-Suitable for ages 5-6 years
Metallic Spiderman Costume 3-4 years
Metallic Spiderman Costume 3-4 years £18.00
Spiderman fans will love dressing up to save the day, just like their favourite superhero. This all in one costume features armoured metallic look for a more dramatic effect, and is perfect for active and imaginative play.Quick facts:-Spiderman outfit-Metallic effect-Great for roleplaying fun or fancy dress parties-Suitable for ages 3-4 years
My Magnetic Pattern Board
My Magnetic Pattern Board £15.00
Pick one of 10 pictures and copy it with magnetic shapes, or invent your own pictures and patterns. With a neat wooden box for storage.Great for:Recognising, sorting and matching shapes and coloursCounting shapes, sides and cornersSeeing shapes in the world around youBuilding fine motor skills.Includes 6 double sided pictures and 32 magnetic shaped pieces.Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months.
Single Tunnel
Single Tunnel £12.00
Great for encouraging active play, this soft tunnel will get your little one moving around, helping to develop motor skills and buidl strength.Quick facts:-Colourful crawl tunnel-Great for crawling and rolling-Folds for easy storage-Helps development of coordination skills and strength
Hairdresser's Belt
Hairdresser's Belt £12.00
Just like being in a real hair salon, this pink ELC hairdresser's belt is perfect for young children to pretend to be hair stylists. Your little one will enjoy giving their special teddy or doll a lovely cut using the pretend scissors, comb, brush and clips. They can fill the spray bottle with water to see it squirt like the real thing. This set comes with and adjustable belt that will keep all of the accessories at hand when performing a glamorous make over. Quick Facts:Pink hairdressers set with an adjustable beltThe water squirts just like the real thingPerfect for imaginative playSuitable for children over 36 months
BrainBox Horrible Histories Vile Villains
BrainBox Horrible Histories Vile Villains £10.00
The 10 second memory game for all the family. Two great ideas - BrainBox and Horrible Histories in one clever box. In this version 54 of the vilest villains have been stuffed into a BrainBox. It wasn't easy but we managed it.Perfect for children and adults of all ages over the age of eight;players have to look at a vile villain card for ten seconds and then answer a question based on the roll of a die. As you would expect all the gore has been left in, including some great facts about history's most notorious villains. Did you know that Ivan the Terrible liked sticking his enemies heads on wooden poles or that Attila the Hum died of a nosebleed on his wedding day? Fascinating facts, beautiful illustrations and a great way to learn history. If you like Horrible Histories you will love BrainBox Vile Villains. Includes 55 cards, 1 rules card, a sand timer and a dice.
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