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New toys at Hamleys

by Jessica - December 18th, 2013.
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New toys at Hamleys
LEGO Friends Sunshine Ranch 41039
LEGO Friends Sunshine Ranch 41039 £76.00
Time for some horseback riding fun with Mia down at the Sunshine Ranch. Wake her up in the cozy apartment and make breakfast in the kitchen. Have her eat breakfast and take her downstairs to take care of the horses. This is where the fun really starts. Look after the foal and groom her, then go out riding with her friend Liza. There''s a world of great adventures waiting for these best of friends. Includes Mia and Liza mini-doll figures.
LEGO Friends Stephanie''s Beach House 41037
LEGO Friends Stephanie''s Beach House 41037 £51.00
Open the door to Stephanie''s Beach House! Stephanie and Kate have come here for the weekend. Take Kate up to the terrace while Stephanie heads out on the windsurfer. Later, it''s time to watch some TV, listen to the latest hits on the radio and prepare dinner in the kitchen. Convert the sofa into a bed and get ready for a cozy night in - and lots more adventures tomorrow! Includes Stephanie and Kate mini-doll figures.
LEGO Friends Heartlake Juice Bar 41035
LEGO Friends Heartlake Juice Bar 41035 £33.00
Head down with Andrea to the Heartlake Juice Bar for a delicious fruity drink! Decide where to sit and look at the menu card with all of its delicious fruit drinks, smoothies and sandwiches and order from Naya at the counter. Help Naya use the delicious box of fruits to make the drink in the blender or the juice squeezer and then take it out to Andrea on the sun terrace. Complete with her handbag, she''s ready for a lovely day in Heartlake City. Includes Andrea and Naya mini-doll figures.
LEGO Friends Heartlake News Van 41056
LEGO Friends Heartlake News Van 41056 £26.00
Break the big story of the world''s best cake with the Heartlake News Van! Find the cake and film it with the camera and then climb into the editing suite and get it ready for broadcast. Get Emma ready at the makeup table so she looks her best for the camera. Sit her at the news desk as Andrew films her talking about the cake story and then present the weather to the viewers. Comes with Emma and Andrew mini-doll figures.
LEGO Friends Sunshine Harvest 41026
LEGO Friends Sunshine Harvest 41026 £24.00
Take in the Sunshine Harvest with Olivia! Pick the apples from the tree and, with the carrots from the garden, drive to her market stall. Use the trailer and hitch it to the tractor. When she gets there, put all the items on display. Remember to pat Charlie, the cute little dog who comes rushing out of the dog house to greet the customers. Includes Olivia mini-doll figure and her dog, Charlie.
LEGO Friends Stephanie''s New Born Lamb 41029
LEGO Friends Stephanie''s New Born Lamb 41029 £14.00
Come and meet Stephanie''s Newborn Lamb! Help wake her up in the cozy bed and give her a healthy breakfast of fresh milk. Then give her a lovely hot bath in the tub, with lots of nice warm water from the tap. Groom her using all of the accessories and help train her so that she is the best behaved lamb in the world. Give her a rosette to show how beautiful she is and then tuck her up nice and tight at bedtime! Includes Stephanie mini-doll figure and her lamb.
LEGO Friends Emma''s Lifeguard Post 41028
LEGO Friends Emma''s Lifeguard Post 41028 £14.00
Keep swimmers safe with Emma''s Lifeguard Post. Watch the waves and decide which flag to raise. If it''s red, it''s dangerous and if it''s green, it''s safe. You decide! Then put up the pink parasol and play with the fun accessories like the sand castle and the bucket and spade. Later on, put on the swim flippers and have fun with the playful dolphin! Includes Emma mini-doll figure with assorted accessories and a dolphin.
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