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New toys at Early Learning Centre

by Jessica - December 15th, 2013.
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Early Learning Centre just added these great new toys
Smart Trike - Carnival
Smart Trike - Carnival £49.99
Designed for high quality functionality, the Smart Trike 3-in-1 tricycle is suitable for babies from 10 to 36 months. The Carnival manoeuvres like a stroller for a smooth drive, with the lightest touch you can push the trike in the direction you wish to go. When your little one is ready to be in control, the navigator button lets you to easily switch from parent Touch Steering™ mode to allowing them free reign around the park or garden.Made with a steel frame and with high quality double injection wheels, this trike had been made for durability and comfort.Quick Facts:Includes smooth Touch Steering™ Manoeuvres like your strollerEasy switch from parent Touch Steering™ to allowing your child to be in controlConverts from a secure baby trike into an independent tricycleDouble injection wheels for comfortComes with protective canopy and covered basketMade with a steel frameGreat for your child's development:Riding a trike is a brilliant way to strengthen little legs and practise balancing skills for a bike later on in life. The 4-in-1 Vanilla Smart Trike takes your little one from ride along stage to beyond, as it transforms from a parent-steered ride along to a classic pedal trike that your child can use all by themselves. As your little one gets pedalling and steering, it's also a great way to get some exercise.ELC star quality:We love the Smart Trike Carnival because it grows with your child, from ride-on mode to independent pedalling and steering. In parent-controlled mode, the Touch Steering design makes moving and steering the Smart Trike as smooth as if you were walking along with your little one's stroller.What you need to know:-Suitable from 10months-Converts from a parent-controlled ride-on to a pedal trike
HappyLand Fly and Go Jumbo
HappyLand Fly and Go Jumbo £16.00
Jump aboard the HappyLand jumbo jet! Join the pilot and the other two passengers as they embark on a magical trip around the world, help them carry their heavy luggage onto the plane. Hear the captain speak on his radio and listen to the realistic aeroplane sounds; it also features fun flashing lights.Great for imaginative play, this wonderful play set will stimulate your little one's senses and help them discover the world around them.Quick Facts:Comes with pilot, two holiday makers and their suitcasesLights and sounds
BrainBox Horrible Histories Vile Villains
BrainBox Horrible Histories Vile Villains £10.00
The 10 second memory game for all the family. Two great ideas - BrainBox and Horrible Histories in one clever box. In this version 54 of the vilest villains have been stuffed into a BrainBox. It wasn't easy but we managed it.Perfect for children and adults of all ages over the age of eight;players have to look at a vile villain card for ten seconds and then answer a question based on the roll of a die. As you would expect all the gore has been left in, including some great facts about history's most notorious villains. Did you know that Ivan the Terrible liked sticking his enemies heads on wooden poles or that Attila the Hum died of a nosebleed on his wedding day? Fascinating facts, beautiful illustrations and a great way to learn history. If you like Horrible Histories you will love BrainBox Vile Villains. Includes 55 cards, 1 rules card, a sand timer and a dice.
Knight's Outfit
Knight's Outfit £7.00
Go on epic quests and fight valiently in battle with this Knight dress up costume. Your child can create exciting adventures and stories while playing as a medieval knight, developing their imagination and creativity. When playing with two or more, this outfit is great for developing social and communication skills too.Includes long-sleeved fabric tunic with dragon emblem and fabric helmet.Quick facts:-Knight costume-Great for role playing fun and fancy dress-Great for imaginative play.Not suitable for children under 36 months.
Schleich Grizzly Bear
Schleich Grizzly Bear £5.49
After polar bears, Grizzlies are the world's second largest bears. Because of their height and their aggressive behaviour, they are considered as very dangerous in their home, North America. Grizzlies are tall, strong animals – they stand up to 2.4 metres high and weigh roundabout 450 kilograms. They have sort of a hump on their back and strong hind limbs. Grizzly bears are able to run up to 55 kilometres per hour. They are loners and frequently behave aggressively. Sometimes they gather at waters to catch salmon. Since they are omnivores, these bears feed on fish, plants and large mammals like moose, deer and black bears. They are also known to steal food from wolves or humans.
Melissa & Doug Colour By Numbers
Melissa & Doug Colour By Numbers £4.99
The Melissa & Doug Colour By Numbers is an easy to use activity book that features 12 number-coded picture boards. Each number corresponds to a felt tip pen and allows your little one to instantly make wonderful pieces of art.This creative set promotes number recognition as well as helping your little one improve their colouring and drawing skills. Don't worry, the numbers won't ruin your picture, they fade away when you colour over them.Quick Facts:Comes with 12 picture boards and 6 felt tip pensPromotes colour recognition and fine motor skillsSuitable from 36 months
Something Special Funny Faces Sticker Book
Something Special Funny Faces Sticker Book £3.99
Featuring CBeebie's most popular children's presenter, see Mr Tumble and his friends make funny faces. Your little one will love mixing and matching the reuseable stickers on the different characters. When your child finished making faces, the stickers can be put on the special spotty bag at the back of the book.Quick Facts:Activity book with 16 pagesFeatures Mr Tumble and his friends from Something SpecialComes with reuseable stickersSuitable from 36 months
Schleich Golden Retriever Puppy
Schleich Golden Retriever Puppy £2.99
Known for their good-naturedness and intelligence, the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the world. Developed in Scotland, Golden Retrievers were used as gundogs to help hunters find and retrieve game. Strong but gentle, their temperment makes them ideal as family dogs, as well as being calm around other animals. Golden Retrievers enjoy swimming because of a natural love of water, and are happy with daily exercise and attention.Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.Quick facts:-Hand painted-Beautifully detailed-Great for imaginative play