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New toys at Early Learning Centre

by Jessica - December 11th, 2013.
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New toys today at Early Learning Centre
Giant Keyboard
Giant Keyboard £30.00
Hop, skip and jump around this fantastic jumbo keyboard to create and record cool tunes.The Giant Keyboard is an incredibly exciting way for your child to explore music. At 2.5m long with 24 keys it's big enough to tap, dance, leap or even roll along! Your child can record and play back their performances and play along to favourite tunes – just plug your own MP3 player into the built-in dock. The foot piano has 10 demo songs, volume control and 7 other musical instrument modes. Plus it's easy to wipe clean and fold away at the end of play-time. Great for a party. Quick facts:•2.5m long fold-away giant keyboard•24 keys, 10 demo songs and 7 instrument sounds•MP3 player dock – play along to your own music•Play back your performances•Volume control•Wipe-clean surfaceGreat for your child's development:The Giant Keyboard is an amazing way for your child to discover the joy and satisfaction that comes from making music. As they grow, they can progress from sounding the keys to understanding different notes, then making melodies and chords. Cooperating with friends to play the floor piano together helps improve your child's social skills, while creating tunes on such a large scale is great for developing confidence. Leaping across the piano mat keeps your child active too.ELC star quality:We love the Giant Keyboard because it's like something out of a child's fantasy! It's a larger-than-life toy that brings heaps of fun and laughter as the whole family gets involved – tapping, hopping, bopping and jumping around the notes. And for anyone with fond memories of the jumbo piano in the classic 1980s movie Big, the Giant Keyboard has a special nostalgic charm. What you need to know:Size: Height 75cm x Width 257cmBatteries: Requires 4 x AA batteries.Not suitable for children under 3 years.Features:Play and record function10 demo songs (10 black keys)Select different instrument sounds: piano, saxophone, violin, organ, trumpet, harp, vibraphone and guitarMP3 function: plug your external music device into the unit to play and sing along to your favourite tunes (audio cable not included)Playing tips:Moving music-makersLet's walk along the keyboard, dance up and down, and leap as far as we can. We can play tunes with our feet, hands and friends.Sing and danceLet's create and play back our own new tunes. We can dock our own music player too – and play, dance and sing along.Great for:Fun and active music-makingGetting to know the notes in a keyboardDiscovering music in a brilliant new wayCreating new tunes and songs.
Rosebud Village Playground
Rosebud Village Playground £20.00
Charming wooden playground with swing, roundabout and see-saw, plus two dolls to play on them.The Rosebud Village Playground is a lovely, traditional setting for your child to play out their favourite playground adventures. They can have the dolls sit on the swings, whirl around on the roundabout, go up and down on the see-saw or relax and have a chat on the bench. The set includes a miniature tree, water fountain, fence and whimsical playground floor with hopscotch, making the Rosebud Village Playground a wonderful place to play.Quick facts:•Classic wooden playground•Includes 2 dolls•Comes with swing, roundabout and see-saw•Great toy for pretend playGreat for your child's development:Making up new games and ways for the dolls to play together in the Rosebud Village Playground encourages your child to use their imagination, and lets them practice the social skills that they will need when playing in real life playgrounds. At the same time, moving the dolls around and sitting them on the mini swing, roundabout and see-saw is a great way for your child to develop dexterity in their hands.ELC star quality:We loved the Rosebud Village Playground because it's a world your child is probably already familiar with. So they'll understand why the dolls love swinging on the swing and twirling on the roundabout, and they'll want to help the dolls have fun all day long.What you need to know:Includes 2 dolls, playground floor, tree, swing, roundabout, bench, see-saw, water fountain and fence.Not suitable for children under 3 years.
Tonka Town Fire Station
Tonka Town Fire Station £19.99
It's a busy day at Tonka Town fire station as Bruno and Jose keep their skills sharpened by training hard. Set up a controlled fire in the fire tower, sliding the flames up and watching them glow like a real fire. Place Jose or Bruno on the sensor on the top level to activate blue flashing lights and warning sirens. Get both firemen to rush to the site of the fire to put it out, and help them practise for a real emergency.Patrol the Control Room, and when there's a real emergency, help Jose and Bruno get to the fireman's pole to speedily slide to the ground floor. Hop into the fire car, and zoom off to the site of the fire in Tonka Town! After a hard day's work of saving the day, drive the fire car back, extend the station to make more room for the car, and park it up safely in the garage ready for another adventure.Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.Quick facts:-Interactive lights and sounds Fire Station with two figures and fire car-Blue flashing lights, siren sound and light-up fire-Raise and lower the fire with a slider at the back of the tower-Sliding fireman's pole-Great for imaginative playIncludes 1 x fire station, 1 x fire car, Jose the fireman and Bruno the fireman
VTech Switch and Go - Lex the T-Rex
VTech Switch and Go - Lex the T-Rex £16.99
Lex the dinosaur isn't afraid of anything: as a great big Tyrannosaurus Rex, he's the king of the dinosaurs and all other dinosaurs and toys had better move out of his way! Lex is no ordinary dinosaur, though: with a few easy adjustments, he transforms into a super fast and super stylish racing car. Choose Lex's eyes or your favourite driver to appear on the LCD screen, hear dinosaur and car sound effects as you move Lex around and transform him, and hear Lex give some fun dinosaur facts when you press the talk button.Requires 2 x AAA batteries. Not suitable for children under 36 months.Quick facts:-VTech transforming dinosaur turns into a car and back again-Press buttons to hear Lex talk, and move him around and transform him to hear dinosaur and car sound effects-Style button changes LCD screen to display dinosaur eyes and driver-Includes educational flashcards-Dimensions 10.5cm x 20cm x 8.5cm
Bristle Blocks 54 Piece Jungle Tube
Bristle Blocks 54 Piece Jungle Tube £16.99
The Bristle Blocks 54 Piece Jungle Tube is great for building your own models or copying the ones shown on the box. The pack contains easy to use bricks in different sizes and colours with special pieces to encourage your little one to use their creative skills.When it is time to tidy up after a busy day of play, you can pack all of the pieces in the handy storage bag to keep them safe and secure.Quick Facts:Comes with 54 piecesStimulates creativityPieces store in the storage tubeSuitable from 24 months
Wooden Beauty Case
Wooden Beauty Case £16.00
The Wooden Beauty Case is great for perfecting your gorgeous look.This lovely case includes a wooden hair brush, mirror, hair dryer, lipstick, nail varnish, perfume bottle, powder compact, blusher pot and brush, eye shadow compact and a trinket box. Featuring pretty butterfly details, this set made from strong and sturdy wood which will provide hours of fun.Quick Facts:Features pretty butterfly detailsGreat for perfecting your look.
My Fun Button Board
My Fun Button Board £15.00
Pick from 10 pictures and use the coloured buttons to copy them or just enjoy making colourful patterns. Everything stores neatly in the wooden box.Great for:Matching and recognising coloursDeveloping language skillsDeveloping fine motor skillsEncouraging creativity and pattern making Building counting and maths skills.Includes 5 double sided pictures and 32 coloured buttons.Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months.
My Magnetic Pattern Board
My Magnetic Pattern Board £15.00
Pick one of 10 pictures and copy it with magnetic shapes, or invent your own pictures and patterns. With a neat wooden box for storage.Great for:Recognising, sorting and matching shapes and coloursCounting shapes, sides and cornersSeeing shapes in the world around youBuilding fine motor skills.Includes 6 double sided pictures and 32 magnetic shaped pieces.Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months.
Big City London Bus
Big City London Bus £15.00
The Big City bus is ready for its tour around London- with headlights that really light up, the Big City London bus makes fun sounds too- press the four buttons on the roof of the bus to find out what they are.Quick facts:-Red London bus toy-Light up headlights-Four buttons to activate bus sounds-Great for imaginative play.Requires 2 x AAA batteries (included).Not suitable for children under 36 months.
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