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Great Garfix kits for fun stuff to make and do

by admin - December 5th, 2013.
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The Entertainer has these top grafix craft kits
Grafix Decorate Your Own Jewellery Box
Grafix Decorate Your Own Jewellery Box £6.00
Store your treasures in style with the Grafix Decorate Your Own Jewellery Box.This 19cm high wooden jewellery box has three drawers and arrives in plain white. Kids will love using all the art supplies that come with it to transform it into something almost as glittering as the trinkets within.The Decorate Your Own Jewellery Box comes with:Wooden jewellery boxPaintbrush6 paintsWooden door handlesFluffy boa stripBag of seed beadsBag of faceted beadsBag of sparkling stonesElastic cordCraft glue
Grafix Fab Labz Make Your Own Perfumes
Grafix Fab Labz Make Your Own Perfumes £6.00
Smell gorgeous with the Grafix Fab Labz Perfume Set. Mix together three fabulous fragrances to make your own signature scent. Choose from rose, jasmine or mint and follow the recipes in the guide. Once you’ve made your perfume put it in an empty bottle and spray it on. This fun science set is suitable for kids aged twelve and up, and includes: 3 storage bottles Bag of polyacrylate crystals Measuring cup Graduate pump Stirring stick Pair of tweezers Scoop Dish 5 cotton balls Bottle of red colouring 5 storage bags 4g of guar gum Bag of mint Bag of jasmine Bag of rose Instructions
Grafix Fab Labz Make Your Own Nail Polish
Grafix Fab Labz Make Your Own Nail Polish £6.00
Give your nails a glam makeover with the Grafix Fab Labz Nail Polish Set. Follow the instructions to make your own sparkly nail polish. This fun science set is suitable for kids aged 12 and up, and includes: Bottle of nail polish base 2 bottles of dye colouring (red and blue) Bag of glitter 3 empty bottles Measuring cup Funnel Spatula Toe separator Nail file Instructions
Grafix Fab Labz Make Your Own Lip Balm
Grafix Fab Labz Make Your Own Lip Balm £6.00
Make your own makeup with the Fab Labz Lip Balm Set. Combine the soft lip balm base with three yummy flavours - cherry, blueberry and lavender. Once you’ve made your lip smacking cosmetics, put them in the plastic pots and decorate them with pretty stickers. This fun science set is suitable for kids aged 12 and up, and includes: 4 empty plastic containers 3 bottles of flavourings (cherry, blueberry and lavender) Lip balm base Melting container Scoop Spatula Measuring cup Sticker sheet Instructions
Grafix Fab Labz Make Your Own Soap
Grafix Fab Labz Make Your Own Soap £6.00
Scrub up with the Grafix Fab Labz Soap Set. Follow the recipes in the guide to make your own soap. Mix together the colours, perfumes and special ingredients then put it in the moulds. Once you’ve made your soap give it to a friend as a gift or use it in the bath! This fun science set is suitable for kids aged seven and up, and includes: Transparent casting soap Titanium Oxide Pigment Soap 3 colouring dyes 2 bottles of perfume (lavender and rose) Holding cup mould 2 mould trays 2 measuring beakers Stirring sticks Gloves Instructions
Grafix Fashion Decorator
Grafix Fashion Decorator £7.50
Customise your clothes and accessories with the Grafix Fashion Decorator. Follow the simple instructions and use the plunger to add sparkling stones and studs to your clothes - this fab craft kit is the perfect way to instantly update your wardrobe. Suitable for kids aged 6 and up, the Fashion Decorator includes: Plunger 50 x Stones 90 x Studs 2 x Project templates Stud key Instructions
Grafix Pottery Wheel
Grafix Pottery Wheel £7.50
Mould and decorate your own clay pots with the Grafix Pottery Wheel. This fun pottery-making kit allows you to make your very own clay creation from start to finish. Moisten some of the modelling clay and place it on the pottery wheel, which will spin when you press down on the foot pedal and help you mould the clay into shape. There are modelling tools to add details to your pot or vase, and paints for you to add any design you like to it once it's dry. The Grafix Pottery Wheel kit includes: Pottery wheel machine with foot pedal Modelling clay 2 modelling tools 6 paint tubs Paintbrush Sponge and cutting string
Super Grafix
Super Grafix £20.00
Draw anything you like with the awesomely clever Super Grafix - use the special optical viewer to copy pictures and cartoons, or draw landscapes, objects and people accurately. When you look through the viewer, whatever you want to draw is reflected onto your piece of paper - just trace the image and you've got yourself a perfect picture! A great creative toy for children aged eight and up, Super Grafix is lightweight and portable. Super Grafix includes: Super Grafix unit Paper support to hold pictures you want to copy Black pen 2 pictures to get you started Sheets of paper and instructions
Grafix Super Craft Activity Set
Grafix Super Craft Activity Set £20.00
Unleash your creativity with the Grafix Super Craft Activity Set.This cool craft chest is crammed full of art essentials including pom poms, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, glitter glues, sequins and much more - you'll have hours of artistic fun.Roll up your sleeves and get stuck into your masterpiece. Make birthday cards, party invitations, paper animals, pipe cleaner creatures or whatever you can dream up.When you've finished your project, keep all your craft tools and materials neatly packed away in the handy storage chest.The set contains:  Pom pomsShredded paperA4 tissue paperA4 white paperA4 pastel paperPipe cleaners3 x glitter gluesCraft sticksSequinsPlastic scissorsGlitter shakes1 x glue