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Fun stuff for kids to do!

by admin - December 5th, 2013.
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Great presents to give them something to make!

Grafix Paint Your Own Teddy Money Box
Save up for the bear nessesities with the Grafix Paint Your Own Teddy Money Box.Paint the cute ceramic teddy money box with the six colourful paints, then add sparkly finishing touches with the two glitter glue pens. Will you paint a normal-coloured teddy bear, or will you paint up something more colourful?Grafix Paint Your Own Teddy Money Box is a great fun craft set, that rewards your child with a cute money box.

Grafix Make Your Own Piggy Bank
Paint and decorate your own piggy bank with the Grafix Make Your Own Piggy Bank set.Your own cute pink piggy money box is looking forward to the pretty patterns he's going to be painted with. Use the six coloured paints, the paintbrush, and the two glitter glue pens to decorate your piggy just how you want.Grafix Make Your Own Piggy Bank rewards your child's creativity with a cute piggy bank money box.

Grafix Paint Your Own Car Money Box
Keep your pocket money from driving away, with the Grafix Paint Your Own Car Money Box.This delightful ceramic car money box is ready and waiting for you to give it a lick of paint. Use the six colours of paint and paintbrush to decorate it, then finish it off with the two tubes of glitter glue. Will you paint it a cute pink car, or a mean speed machine?Grafix Paint Your Own Car Money Box is a cute craft set for your child to finish.

Grafix Make Your Own Bohemian Jewellery
Show off your unique style and Make Your Own Bohemian Jewellery. Use the colourful beads and thread to create fashionable accessories to wear and share with your friends. With over 100 pieces, this fab fashion pack comes with everything you need to design beautiful boho bracelets and trendy necklaces, including: 2 x Colours of thread Assorted beads Instructions The Make Your Own Bohemian Jewellery is suitable for kids aged 5 and up.

Grafix Weird Science Volcano Eruption
There’s an explosion of fun to be had with the Grafix Weird Science Volcano Eruption set. Young scientists aged eight and up will have a blast making their own erupting volcano (don’t worry parents its all perfectly safe). Aside from a few household items such as malt vinegar, this cool chemistry set comes with everything you need to conduct exciting experiments: Volcano Pair of goggles Pack of bicarbonate of soda Card play scene 2 x funnels Red dye Pair of gloves Instructions

Grafix Glitter Activity Bucket
Make all sorts of fantastic sparkly creations with the Grafix Glitter Activity Bucket.Packed full of glittery arts and crafts supplies, you'll be able to make pictures and models that sparkle. The Glitter Activity Bucket comes in either pink or blue and contains: 3 glitter pencils 4 glitter sprinklers 3 glitter gel pens 2 glitter glue tubes Plastic scissors Glue stick Bag of pompoms Bag of googly eyes Bag of gem stones Bag of sequinsSuitable for ages five and up.

Grafix Make Your Own Glitzy Bangles
Be a trend-setter and Make Your Own Glitzy Bangles.Create unique jewellery to match your outfits with colourful beads, fabric flowers and sparkly gemstones.Perfect for budding designers, this fab fashion pack comes with everything you need to make stylish bracelets that will wow your friends.Includes:6 x self adhesive bangles6 x pots of beads1 x pot of gemstones1 x pot of fabric flowers

Grafix Nail Swirl Art Kit
Give your hands a glam makeover with Grafix Nail Swirl Art Kit. Design and decorate your very own set of false nails using paints, stickers and glitter at this fantastic work station. With ten sets of nails included, you can have a set to match all your outfits. The Grafix Nail Swirl Art Kit is suitable for kids aged seven and up, and includes: Swirling machine 10 x Sets of plastic nails 10 x Sets of nail tape 3 x Bags of glitter Stickers 4 x Paints Rubber band Instructions

Grafix Metalic Bead Creations
Make your school bag dazzle with the Metallic Bead Creations kit. Create lots of keyrings and bag charms with this fab set that's packed with sparkling beads. The creations look cool hanging from zips, bags and keys, or make great presents for friends. When you're not busy designing, your beads can be stored in the handy heart-shaped box.

Grafix Mermaids Giant 3D Floor Puzzle
Bring the undersea world to life with the Grafix Mermaids Giant 3D Floor Puzzle. Put together this 41 piece puzzle to reveal a magical underwater scene, with three mermaids playing with their fishy friends. Once it's finished, put on the 3D glasses and see the sea creatures leap out of the picture. When put together, the puzzle measures 90cm by 60cm.

Grafix Mega Craft Bucket
You'll never run out of ideas for craft projects with the Grafix Mega Craft Bucket.Stuffed to bursting with materials, this giant tub of fun is all you need for hours of creativity. From sequins and googly eyes, to pipe cleaners and crepe paper - there's a great variety of bits and pieces to play with.The 29cm-tall bucket has a handle for easy carrying and can be reused as a storage tub when you eventually use up all your materials.The Grafix Mega Craft Bucket includes:Coloured, giant and glitter pom pomsCrepe paperFringe crepe paperSequinsRic racPipe cleanersABC and Eva shapesCraft sticksWiggly eyesBeads and gemsConfettiPaperCraft glueGlitter glueZig zag scissors

Grafix Fairy Tiara and Dress Up Activity Box
The Grafix Fairy Tiara and Dress Up Activity Box lets you design and create your own fairy outfit. Customise the tiara, wand and wings just the way you like with the included assortment of stickers, coloured paper, glue, glitter, bow, pompoms and wobbly eyes! This jam-packed kit is perfect for ages five and up.