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Price reductions at John Lewis

by Jessica - March 2nd, 2013.
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John Lewis has cut the price of these top toys
Lego Large Brick Box, Pink
Lego Large Brick Box, Pink was £24.99 now £20.00
This box makes the perfect Lego starter set for any fan. This colourful set is filled with a lot of great elements, such as a minifigure, a horse and plenty of elements for building.
Lego City Space Centre
Lego City Space Centre was £46.99 now £37.47
Prepare the rocket for blast-off! Fill the rocket with fuel, use the elevator to get the astronaut to the top of the launch platform and prepare for launch from the control centre. Start the count down and get ready for another exciting mission into space!
Lego City Police Station
Lego City Police Station was £69.99 now £54.00
Stop the prisoners escaping from the police station through the pipe drain! They won’t get far on foot. Use the police car to chase them down and transport them back to prison in the police van. Help keep Lego City safe with this feature-packed set!Set includes: 6x minifigures (4 police officers, 2 robbers) and police dog; 3 vehicles (police car, prisoner transport van and bicycle); accessories include handcuffs, crowbar and “wanted” poster.Other features include: dog kennel, evidence room, mug shot area and secret compartment.The finished Police Station measures approximately H25cm x W38cm.
Schleich Wild Animals: Tiger
Schleich Wild Animals: Tiger was £4.99 now £4.75
A striking detailed figurine of a Tiger. Tigers, one of the most endangered animals in the world, are the largest of all living cats. They live in forests, grasslands, and swamps where they hunt alone for animals such as deer, wild pigs, and buffalo. (They also eat smaller creatures like fish and birds or even other large predators like leopards.) They've been known to eat up to eighty pounds of meat in a single feeding! Tigers can travel for long distances and can leap as much as thirty feet in a single bound. They live alone and only come together to mate; females give birth to two or three babies at a time. Today only six remaining subspecies of tiger remain -- the Bengal, Indochinese, Malayan, Siberian, South China, and Sumatran. Fun Facts: Tigers can leap horizontally up to three times their body length. Dimensions: H6cm
Lego City Flexible Tracks
Lego City Flexible Tracks was £17.99 now £12.00
Add flexible tracks to your train track system to connect tracks around obstacles and awkward shapes. Make your trains go even further Includes 8 straight tracks and 16 flexible tracks.
Lego Lord of the Rings Attack On Weathertop Set
Lego Lord of the Rings Attack On Weathertop Set was £49.99 now £39.97
Resting in the ancient fortress ruins of Weathertop, Aragorn, Frodo and Merry are suddenly attacked by the Ringwraiths, the servants of Sauron. Defend the ever-precious One Ring from evil. Satisfying to assemble and fun to recreate scenes and come up with your own.Includes 5 minifigures: Frodo, Aragorn, Merry and 2 Ringwraiths. Also contains the accessories of 2 new LEGO horses, 5 swords, torch and ring. The Weathertop fortress is completed with a tree, flick missile function, trapdoor, weapon rack, pedestal and fireplace with food.
Lego Young Builders Suitcase, Pink
Lego Young Builders Suitcase, Pink was £19.95 now £14.99
This suitcase contains bricks that are designed with young builders in mind, with easy to build components, which are still compatible with all over Lego sets, allowing kids to expand their play as they get more confident with their abilities.The suitcase includes:HouseFencesTreeGarden furnitureCatBicycleMum minifigureDaughter minifigure
Lego Super Heroes The Batcave
Lego Super Heroes The Batcave was £60.00 now £52.47
Batman and Robin have Poison Ivy in their Batcave and are keeping her behind bars in the Holding Cell. But what's this? That bothersome Bane has broken into the Batcave in his powerful spinning drill tank and is trying to rescue Poison Ivy. Can you help Batman and Robin put Bane back in gaol, where he belongs?Includes 5 minifigures: Bruce Wayne, Batman, Robin, Poison Ivy and Bane; and a comic book.
Lego City Fire Motorbike
Lego City Fire Motorbike was £4.95 now £3.99
Get to the fires quicker than a large fire engine could ever hope to, with this trusty fire motorbike that can easily weave in and out of traffic to get to the burning destination.The box includes:Fire motorcycleRecycling containerFirefighter minifigureFire extinguisher