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New toys at Hamleys

by Jessica - March 2nd, 2013.
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Hamleys has loads of excellent new toys today
Mega Bloks Sklanders Ultimate Battle Arcade
Mega Bloks Sklanders Ultimate Battle Arcade £85.00
Get ready to build, slide, spin and smash with the Ultimate Battle Arcade by Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants! Use the included Shroomboom and Jet-Vac or bring your own Skylanders and compete with your friends in one of five games. Hit the bumpers to earn treasure and loot in Turbo Target, battle head-on with your opponent's Skylander in Portal Rumble, rebound off the bumpers to hit the jackpot in Treasure Chest Blaster, launch into the target zone with precision in Battle Shuffle, fire coins into the target zone with Coin Shooter. Master all five games to become the champion of the Skylands!Features: Five-in-one Ultimate Battle Arcade with five different ways to play, scoreboards to keep track of round winners, buildable Shroomboom (Life Skylander) and Jet-Vac (Air Skylander), two Battle Portals with motion-activated lights, two sheep, two Chompies and lots of loot to collect, combine with additional Battle Portals and characters from Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants!
Real Power Workshop
Real Power Workshop £58.00
The Real Power Workshop is a fantastic 6-in-1 power tool specifically designed to cut and shape balsa wood. There are three construction projects included with all the materials you need to complete them. The projects will help you develop your skills while using the various tools. Make a Jet Plane, Castle with drawbridge and a Pirate Ship. Requires 4 x D batteries (not included).
Mega Bloks Sklanders Troll Mech Ambush
Mega Bloks Sklanders Troll Mech Ambush £51.00
Please note: This is an assortment pack. 1 will be supplied and picked at random. Colours and decorations may vary. Build a battle of epic proportions with the Troll Mech Ambush by Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants! The buildable, troll-piloted Gun Snout mech can fire off missiles with its working launcher. This towering menace can cause big trouble for Tree Rex, but his colossal strength allows him to counter-attack with the included boulder! Ideal for kids aged 5 and up. Features: Buildable mechanical walker with working launcher, buildable troll enemy, buildable Tree Rex (Life Giant) with boulder, one sheep, combine with other Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants sets to build your adventure!
Mega Bloks Sklanders Crusher's Pirate Quest
Mega Bloks Sklanders Crusher's Pirate Quest £45.00
Set sail on an adventure to defeat the evil minions of Kaos with the buildable Crusher's Pirate Quest by Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants! The colossal Crusher swings his stone hammer in a clash with the deadly Axecutioner. Meanwhile, Cynder leaps into action to take down the remaining Chompy. Rebuild the set into a dock inspired by the Cutthroat Carnival in Skylanders Giants and discover all of the action features in this 2-in-1 play set. Ideal for kids aged 5 and up.Features: buildable mini dock and pirate ship with raising sail and working launcher rebuilds into a large dock with action-reaction features, buildable Crusher (Earth Giant) and Cynder (Undead Skylander), one treasure chest, cake slice and scroll, one Chompy, combine with other Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants sets to build your adventure!
Catwalk Creations House of Fashion
Catwalk Creations House of Fashion £39.00
Design and create 2 unique summer and winter fashion ranges, use fabric swatches and accessory elements to bring them to life, then create your very own store to showcase your fabulous creations to the world! Use interchangeable backdrops and store signage to customise your store look or go online to add make it unique to you, by giving your store an all new name, creating your very own store logos and stylising your very own backdrops! Catwalk Creations House of Fashion includes; 1x Fashion Boutique with summer and winter backdrops, 2x billboard signs, 2x Boutique decor sheets, 2x mannequins, 6x summer themed fabrics, 6x winter themed fabrics, 4x ribbons, 15x mini clothes pegs, 2xGem stone sheets, a clothing rack with 5 hangers, 2x double-sided tape rolls, a fashion design guide, a boutique design guide and a design sketchbook.
The Hive House
The Hive House £35.00
Introducing the Hive House from Disney's 'The Hive'! Everything packs away neatly, open and close the curtains and doors to peek into the rooms. Fly around the Hive with the flying rails, or even through each front door! The Hive House includes exclusive Postman Spider and Queen Bee characters. Characters and items are compatible with other sets in the range.
The Hive Honeydew School
The Hive Honeydew School £30.00
Join the students in the Hive Honeydew School. Open the front doors to go into the School, fly around the classroom with the flying rail or ring the school bell to begin and end each class. The Hive Honeydew School includes a clock with moving hands, chairs and table and an exclusive Ms. Ladybird character.
Large Buzzbee Soft Toy 15
Large Buzzbee Soft Toy 15" £30.00
The Hive Children will love to cuddle their favourite bee from their favourite TV show, The Hive. The Large Buzzbee Soft Toys is 15" in height and suitable for ages 3 years +.
SuperGrafix £30.00
The perfect tool for budding artists, Super Grafix allows you to draw anything, anywhere, with its unique, drawing system. The amazing patented optical viewer allows you to copy any picture inserted in the picture easel, and create stunning, life-like artwork. Once the picture easel is removed, you're free to reproduce landscapes, buildings, still life or even portraits of your friends and family. Super Grafix is lightweight and portable and doesn't require a power supply, so it can go where you do! You'll never miss an artistic opportunity again!
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