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New toys at John Lewis

by Jessica - February 11th, 2013.
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John Lewis has these top new toys today
John Lewis Painting Caddy Set
John Lewis Painting Caddy Set £15.00
With differently shaped sponges, rollers and paintbrushes, children can let their artistic talents run wild, as they create all sorts of shapes and effects with this painting set. Everything's neatly packed into a plastic box with a handle - but not for long! Set contains: 1x paint tray; 4x shaped sponges; 3x 86ml paints; 3x paintbrushes; 2x sponge rollers; 2x sponge painters; 1x messy mat and instruction sheet
Stretchimals £2.75
Stretch these pliable reptiles, flick them and then watch them spring back to their original shape. Included are 6 stretchy in bright colours with a metallic sheen
Moshi Monsters Activity Notebook
Moshi Monsters Activity Notebook £7.95
Fans of Moshi Monsters will love this brightly coloured notebook. Filled with stickers and activity and scrapbook pages, it's sure to spark their imaginations. There's also a photo frame at the front and storage pocket at the back. Elasticated closure, spiral bound
Horrible Science Kit, Assorted
Horrible Science Kit, Assorted £5.95
There are two possible kits available. Please note: unfortunately it is not possible to request which kit you would prefer, so please allow us to pick one on your behalf. Shocking Rocket: Make an out of this world water-fuelled rocket, defy gravity and learn how rockets blast off into space and other exciting rocket facts. Violent Volcano: Make an erupting volcano, become a survival safety expert and discover why volcanoes erupt
John Lewis Rocking Cradle
John Lewis Rocking Cradle £30.00
Hush-a-bye baby. Whether it's sleep time for dolly, or teddy's ready for bed, this wooden cot is just the thing for playing make believe games and rocking your little one's little one to sleep. Made from solid rubberwood with cut-out hearts at the head and front of the bed
Corolle Bebe Tresor
Corolle Bebe Tresor £46.00
Press the Bebe Tresor's tummy and she gurgles and giggles, but when you place the doll on her tummy, she cries. The sound mechanism is stored in a little kangaroo pouch and can be removed so that the doll can be washed or so that the child can sleep comfortably with the baby doll. Includes a dummy
Nerf Elite Ammo Refill, Pack of 30
Nerf Elite Ammo Refill, Pack of 30 £4.80
N-Strike warriors lose when they run out of ammo, so load up on firepower with this Refill Pack of 30 N-Strike Elite Darts. They work with any N-Strike Elite blaster and most original N-Strike blasters (sold separately)
Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Keys
Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Keys £7.48
Songs, colours and moving parts, all work together to make these laugh and learn keys a real gem for the little ones. The toy is made up of three different coloured keys, which each feature unique moving parts and come with sing-along songs that relate to each key. What's more there's a 'clip-on' feature which enables you to take your fun learning along with you wherever you go. Teaches first words, colours and textures
Sylvanian Families Spotter Meerkat Family Grandparents
Sylvanian Families Spotter Meerkat Family Grandparents £6.45
Grandfather Cliff Spotter is very proud of his son Harry - he knows spotting wildfires is one of the most important jobs in Sylvania. He likes to make himself useful too and often helps his son out when he’s busy. Harry never puts his father on duty for too long though. He knows he’s not as young as he used to be and has a habit of falling asleep in the afternoon. Grandmother Clarice Spotter also likes to be helpful and regularly looks after her grandchildren when their parents are busy. The only problem is she can’t tell Penelope, Prudence or Peregrine apart and often calls them by the wrong name, much to the triplets’ amusement