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New toys at John Lewis

by Jessica - January 24th, 2013.
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John Lewis has loads of super new toys today
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figure, Foot Soldier
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figure, Foot Soldier £9.95
A basic foot soldier of the evil foot clan who is obedient, silent and lethal. They're only purpose is to serve their evil master, Shredder. They have bug-like red eyes and make people run in fear wherever they go. This action figure comes with five weapon accessories and has more than 12 points of articulation, making it the perfect replica of the character in the show
Elmer Soft Ball
Elmer Soft Ball £4.50
Baby will love pushing or throwing this soft and squidgy ball. Every one of its 12 sides has a colourful picture of Elmer the Elephant on it
Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass £6.00
This massive magnifying glass comes with a clear glass lense measuring almost 12cm in diameter, meaning that objects will appear at least 3 times their size
Jellycat Noodle Hedgehog Toy
Jellycat Noodle Hedgehog Toy £16.00
Noodle may be a hedgehog, but his spines aren't prickly, in fact he's ready for cuddles. With a cute face and little ears, he's an ideal companion for little ones. As he's filled with beans, he'll happily sit wherever he's placed
Kimber Kids Musical Bobbie Bear Toy
Kimber Kids Musical Bobbie Bear Toy £9.95
This cute and cuddly plush toy is ever so soft and what's more if you tug his ear he will speak and sing. He's ready to make new friends and his tactile textures and adorable smile are sure to make him a new favourite
London Bus Carry Case
London Bus Carry Case £9.98
All aboard this double decker bus! Keep the kids entertained while you're on the move with this practical and fun London Bus carry case. The bus holds 3 toy cars, as well as accessories and a cardboard mat to play on. Please note: Unfortunately some packaging incorrectly states that this set includes a lorry, however this item is not included in this set
John Lewis Doll's House Accessories, Bathroom
John Lewis Doll's House Accessories, Bathroom £12.00
A beautiful pink bathroom set to use with the John Lewis Doll House. It includes a shower complete with curtain, a bath, sink and toilet for your child to set up however they desire. The bath, shower and sink all have cold and hot tap detailing and the toilet has a moveable seat lid
John Lewis Doll's House Accessories, Children's Bedroom Furniture
John Lewis Doll's House Accessories, Children's Bedroom Furniture £12.00
A cute accessories set for the John Lewis Doll House, with everything that your child will need to set up the kids' bedroom. This set includes pink bunk beds with ladder, a toys box, bedside table with lamp and an adorable miniature dolls house that will replicate your child's very own. The beds each come with a pillow and duvet
Great Gizmos Cross Stitch Kit
Great Gizmos Cross Stitch Kit £12.00
This beginner's kit introduces the basic techniques of cross stitching to young children, making it ideal for those who are interested in the craft, or simply want to improve their skills. It includes full instructions and sufficient equipment to make one butterfly fashion bag or one colourful pen holder and four fancy coasters