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New toys at John Lewis

by Jessica - December 22nd, 2012.
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New toys today at John Lewis
Mini Corolline Doll, Brunette
Mini Corolline Doll, Brunette £13.99
This Corolline doll has a body made out of vinyl, with long brunette hair to go with it, which can be styled. In her adorable pink dress, she looks so cute and is a real pocket doll, being small and very lightweight. Easy to slide in your bag so that you can take her wherever you go
John Lewis Ballerina Jewellery Box, Small
John Lewis Ballerina Jewellery Box, Small £8.00
Pretty ballerinas can keep their jewellery safely stored in this gorgeous pink musical box, decorated with a ballerina design. Open the lid and a little ballerina pops up and rotates to the tune of 'Swan Lake'. Inside there's plenty of room for necklaces, pendants or bangles, rings, earrings or brooches
Sassy Snap and Squirt Sea Creatures
Sassy Snap and Squirt Sea Creatures £9.95
With Squirting Sea Creatures, bath time can become playtime. Each Sea Creature floats in the tub as you bathe your little one. Once it's time for bath time play, show your child how to fill the Sea Creatures with water, squeeze, and watch as they squirt the water back out. The fishbowl-shaped organiser is sure to make after-bath pick-up fun. Two large suction cups allow fishbowl to be attached to bathroom wall to allow squirters to drip dry
Batman Dressing-Up Costume
Batman Dressing-Up Costume £20.00
This brilliant Batman costume comes complete with a muscle chest jumpsuit with a silver foil chest, a hooded cape and Batman belt
Disney Princess Cinderella Carriage
Disney Princess Cinderella Carriage £49.99
In just three easy steps, you can transform a pumpkin into a carriage just like your favourite fairy godmother. Simply lift the pumpkin to pop up the carriage wheels, pull the cord to reveal the beautiful carriage underneath and attach the cord to the elegant white horse as reins
Teddykompaniet Giraffe and Tiger Pram Toy
Teddykompaniet Giraffe and Tiger Pram Toy £14.95
These cute characters are attached to a stretchy string, so they're the ideal companions when you're out and about. Easily attaches to a pram or buggy
Sports Stars Micro Figures, Assorted
Sports Stars Micro Figures, Assorted £1.95
There are 22 players to collect in this constructable micro-figure collection featuring key players from the English Premier Leagues top teams. The teams include Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal. The player figures are fully articulated and are dressed in either their teams' 2012-2013 Home or Away kit, so now you are ready to build your own Character Building Sports Stars Collection and take part in a game of table-top football. Each Sports Stars player micro-figure is sealed within a secret bag so you don't know which player you are going to get. Includes one player micro-figure, either a ball or slider base and a collector's leaflet highlighting all the players members available
Sylvanian Families, Champagne Rabbit Family
Sylvanian Families, Champagne Rabbit Family £11.96
The Hopkins are a very bubbly bunch of bunnies. Father Don has a favourite saying, which is "don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today." Mother Adrianne has a very effervescent personality and her enthusisastic approach to everyday tasks makes her household one of the happiest in the village. Brother Roger has an intoxicating laugh and funny jokes always cheers everyone up. Sister Rosa is rather shy, blushing at the slightest attention paid to her
Lego Building Fun Box, Blue
Lego Building Fun Box, Blue £19.95
With lots of fun colours, roof tiles and much more, this set is great by itself or as a supplement to any Lego collection. With 650 pieces, your child will be able to create a wide range of possibilities