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New toys at John Lewis

by Jessica - December 9th, 2012.
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John Lewis has loads of great new toys today
Knitting Doll
Knitting Doll £5.00
A french knitting toy to keep your fingers busy. Comes with one of the funky dolls that help you with the 1950s-inspired traditional knitting. Wool and knitting needle included. Box dimensions: 12 x 10cm
Sylvanian Families Spotter Meerkat Family
Sylvanian Families Spotter Meerkat Family £12.47
The fabulous Spotter meerkat family includes father Harry, mother Beatrix, brother Alfie, and sister Gail Spotter
Sylvanian Families Washing Day Set
Sylvanian Families Washing Day Set £9.71
Karen Hazelwood loves a sunny blustery day so that she can hang out her washing on the line. There is really nothing better than the smell of fresh laundry coming in from the garden. As she pegs the washing out on the line she likes to sing a song which makes the job so much quicker. Includes: 1 poseable figure, 2 x stands, 2 x poles, laundry basket, rod, 4 x clothes hangers, multiple-pong hanger, 4 x clothes pegs, carpet beater, 2 x towels, quilt and 2 x shirts
Halsall Dubble Bubble Machine
Halsall Dubble Bubble Machine £12.95
With the Dubble Bubble Machine you can have bubbles whenever you like. It includes 1x 236ml of bubble mixture, which you pour into the machine. Then switch the machine on and watch in amazement as a sea of colourful bubbles shoot up
Sylvanian Corgi Family
Sylvanian Corgi Family £13.99
Get your very own Sylvanian Corgi family, who comprise of: Father Duke de Pembroke, who is charming and very debonair but does have a tendency to put his foot in things. Mother Queenie de Pembroke, who is very much the head of the family and rules the roost; she is lovely and kind but if you make her cross then you will get one of the famous stares. Brother Earl de Pembroke, who is cheeky and charming; his mother likes to keep a extra special eye on him as he seems to get in to all sorts of bother. Sister Duchess de Pembroke, who is a little miss goody two shoes. She's good at everything and is liked by all in Sylvania
Sylvanian Families Beaver Family
Sylvanian Families Beaver Family £13.49
The Waters are the house builders and carpenters of Sylvania. Wade Waters is the best house builder in the woods, while Nancy Waters grows the most beautiful flowers in town. Young Roger Waters is so popular he was voted head-boy of his school, and his sister Misty Waters day-dreams about being a famous dancer
Sylvanian Families Darwin Monkey Family
Sylvanian Families Darwin Monkey Family £11.69
Sylvanian Families long standing monkey brother and sister, Malcolm & Marjorie are finally joined by the rest of their family in 2011. Set includes father Geoff, mother Shirley, brother Malcolm and sister Marjorie Darwin. Also available are the Darwin Monkey Family Twins (sold seperately)
DaGeDar Super-Charged Ball Bearings
DaGeDar Super-Charged Ball Bearings £2.00
Start your DaGeDar collection with these 2 charged ball bearings. Each DaGeDar character has its own unique code, which you input online to unlock their story, find out about their inner spirit and discover their quest. Race against your friends, hone your skills and become a champion. Comes with 2 DaGeDar balls and stands
Barbie Hair Artist Doll
Barbie Hair Artist Doll £24.95
Perfect for any aspiring hairdresser, this set enables you to become the ultimate stylist, with a variety of colours and sparkles to choose from, you can customise your hair doll however you want. The colours wash out, making it easy to start from scratch and come up with a whole range of styles