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New toys at John Lewis

by Jessica - December 4th, 2012.
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John Lewis has loads of great new toys today
AppGear Alien Jail Break App Toy
AppGear Alien Jail Break App Toy £5.00
An addictive first-person shooter filled with strategy and adventure. Alien Jailbreak uses Augmented Reality technology to digitally build a world containing a top-secret military installation and captured alien invaders. Collectible alien figures are included to enhance the experience. System requirements: iOS, iOS4.3 or above; iPad2, iPhone4 and above; iPod touch, 4th generation or better; Google Android 2.3.3 or above; ARMv7 processor or better (openGL ES 2.0) with a minimum resolution of 480 x 320 and a maximum resolution of 1024 x 800 unless otherwise specified on the support site Smartphone not included
Fisher Price Octonauts Gup C
Fisher Price Octonauts Gup C £14.99
This Gup-C toy comes with a Shellington figure, squirting colour change whale and anchor tool. On land, you can roll Gup-C along the floor and use the anchor to save the creature. In water, look through the smoke stack to see cross hairs that help you search for the whale at the bottom of the ocean
Lego City Forest Police Station
Lego City Forest Police Station £54.00
Help the policemen catch the robbers and lock them up in the cell at the Forest Police Station - but watch out for the bear! Includes 5 figures - 2 forest policemen, 2 robbers and a pilot
Crayola Colour n Style Pony
Crayola Colour n Style Pony £8.95
Customise your beautiful Crayola pony just the way you want her. Inspiring fun and creative skills, this excellent craft kit is complete with paints, ribbons and beads to decorate both the body and mane
Star Wars Folded Flyers Box Set
Star Wars Folded Flyers Box Set £10.49
A paper airplane book created to enable Jedi knights to follow their dreams of replicating Star Wars spacecrafts that actually fly. With it you can make 30 paper starfighters from the pre-printed paper, including Darth Vader's TIE Fighter, the Millennium Falcon and a Naboo Starfighter. Aerodynamic experts helped engineer these flyers for ease of folding and fantastic flight
Playskool Heroes Spider-Man Vehicle, Assorted
Playskool Heroes Spider-Man Vehicle, Assorted £11.95
Spidey's Stunt Wing Spider Plane's as aerobatic as he is - he can even stand on the wing, when it's upside-down mid-air - while the roll-back Flip-Out Stunt Buggy races, rolls and speeds, with Spider-Man clinging to the roof. One supplied. Please note: there are 2 styles in this range: plane or buggy. Unfortunately it's not possible to request a specific one, so please let us choose one on your behalf
Micro Scooters Safety Helmet, Medium, Neon Pink
Micro Scooters Safety Helmet, Medium, Neon Pink £19.95
These helmets are specially designed by Micro Scooters to give you all the safety features your child will need in a fun, simple and retro design. This helmet has styrofoam padding and a nylon web strap for the best snug fit. This is a medium helmet that fits 53-58cm. Please choose the size carefully and measure the full circumference of your child's head
Disney Princess MagiClip Fashions Bag, Assorted
Disney Princess MagiClip Fashions Bag, Assorted £14.95
Each of these beautiful heart-shaped bags contains a princess doll and three different MagiClip fashions to choose from. Please note: unfortunately it is not possible to request which set you would prefer, so please allow us to pick one on your behalf
Schleich Pets: Sitting Cat
Schleich Pets: Sitting Cat £2.75
Detailed figurine of a sitting cat. Good companions for humans, cats have a long history of forming lasting relationships. Generally weighing between five and fifteen pounds, cats have a height and body length close to one foot. With specialized teeth, tongue, and ears, cats can use body language to communicate their mood. Their teeth are made for eating meat. Their tongue is barbed to aid in grooming and helps to spread their own natural deodorant. Their ears are able to detect high pitched sounds. Cats have more sensitive senses than humans and often sleep more to store energy