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Price reductions at John Lewis

by Jessica - December 3rd, 2012.
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John Lewis has cut the price of these top toys
Lego Building Fun Box, Blue
Lego Building Fun Box, Blue was £16.99 now £15.29
With lots of fun colours, roof tiles and much more, this set is great by itself or as a supplement to any Lego collection. With 650 pieces, your child will be able to create a wide range of possibilities
Lego City Flexible Tracks
Lego City Flexible Tracks was £13.90 now £12.49
Add flexible tracks to your train track system to connect tracks around obstacles and awkward shapes. Make your trains go even further Includes 8 straight tracks and 16 flexible tracks
Lego Creator 3 in 1 Rescue Robot Building Kit
Lego Creator 3 in 1 Rescue Robot Building Kit was £12.91 now £11.69
With armoured chrome head protection, light brick, poseable arms and legs, rocket boosters and antenna to pick up distress calls, there's no stopping this fantastic rescue robot. For different missions, rebuild it into a laserbot or a robocat
Lego City Fishing Boat
Lego City Fishing Boat was £13.95 now £12.59
Take a trip on the fishing boat and catch a fish! As the father sails the fishing boat out of the harbour, the son gets ready to drop his line into the water. Just watch out for the shark swimming by - he's got snappy jaws! 64-piece set includes 2 mini figures (sailor and fisherman); shark (7cm), fish, fishing poles, coffee cup, life vests and binoculars. Boat L22 x H12cm
Lego Star Wars Darth Maul Watch
Lego Star Wars Darth Maul Watch was £18.95 now £14.99
Now you can build your own Lego Star Wars Darth Maul watch. Use the illustrated face to add colour links to create your own personal pattern. Then add the studded or second-timing bezel and click into your own style. It's made out of Lego bricks and is water resistant up to 50m. And it comes with a Lego 'minifig'. Includes button cell batteries
Lego City Passenger Train
Lego City Passenger Train was £99.99 now £89.99
This high-speed 3-carriage passenger train can handle up to 8 trains at a time through the tight curves of the new flexible tracks, which uses an 4-channel, 7-speed infra-red remote control. The train (L69cm) features an engine with opening cockpit, and 2 passenger cars with removable roofs and space for 10 passengers. The set includes: 1x train driver and 2x passenger minifigures; 1x traffic light, train station, 16x curved track pieces; and 16x flexible track pieces that can make a curve or straight
Lego City Switch Tracks
Lego City Switch Tracks was £14.99 now £13.49
Extra points to help make your track even longer. A flip of the lever and you can change direction. The set includes 4x curved rails, 1x left side switching track and 1x right side switchinig track. Note: since the tracks don't conduct electricity you can only use them with infrared train sets 7897 and 7898, combine them with track sets 4515, 4519 or 4520
Lego Building Plate, Grey
Lego Building Plate, Grey was £8.99 now £7.49
This grey base plate measures 15" x 15", so it's a great place for your Lego buildings to come to life, whether shop or skyscraper!
Lego City Straight and Crossroad
Lego City Straight and Crossroad was £9.99 now £8.79
Extend the road in your Lego town, with a straight section and crossroads. Each plate measures 25 x 25cm