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Price reductions at John Lewis

by Jessica - November 30th, 2012.
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John Lewis reduced the price on these super toys today
LeapFrog Leapster GS Explorer™, Green
LeapFrog Leapster GS Explorer™, Green was £47.99 now £37.48
Introducing the ultimate learning game system, the LeapFrog Leapster Explorer delivers the high-quality gaming and fast-paced action of leading handheld game systems in a kid-tough design. Take videos or pictures with the built-in camera and video recorder and keep your favourites handy with 2GB of memory. You can even edit your pictures and share them with friends. There's an all-new motion sensor too, which allows you to control the action hands-free. Works with a library of more than 200 downloadable apps and action-packed educational games that develop key skills for school. Get just the amount of challenge you need with auto-levelling games for math, science and problem solving, creativity and life skills and reading. The box includes: Camera and Video Recorder Art Studio Photo Lab Built-in Pet Pad App One downloadable app from a pre-determined selection Escape of the Sillies game, which can be downloaded once products connected to internet
Lego City Police Helicopter
Lego City Police Helicopter was £9.95 now £9.00
The Lego World City Police are kept busy keeping the skies free from crime in this helicopter. You can join their patrols to protect the Lego community. With one police officer mini-figure, the set includes simple small tools, a camera and a rotating rotor
Plum Climbing Pyramid Wooden Play Centre
Plum Climbing Pyramid Wooden Play Centre was £499.95 now £399.95
Boisterous boys and girls will love clambering up, over and down this climbing pyramid. It’s like a mini assault course! There’s a large double play deck with a cargo net to grapple with; a ladder with durable metal rungs; a rock wall with coloured hand and foot grips - then a 2.4m wave slide to go down. And underneath the camouflage fabric side panels reveal a large secret play den - great for covert missions! Made from FSC-certified wood, the Plum Climbing Pyramid arrives flat packed and pre-drilled. 2 adults should take about 5 hours constructing it. Upper deck dimensions: L74 x W91 x H150cm. Lower deck dimensions: L60 x W126 x H120cm. There is a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against wood rot and insect damage
Nerf Dart Tag Starter Set
Nerf Dart Tag Starter Set was £34.95 now £31.47
Use your skills to stay out of the line of fire and when you've got your opponent in your sights, launch your attack. Go head-to-head until the battle is won and then pull the darts off your jerseys to start the fight all over again. This pack includes two Sharp Shot Blasters, two sets of Vision Gear eyewear, two training jerseys (one size fits most), eight Dart Tag darts and instructions
Thomas The Tank Engine Remote Control Steam and Speed Toy
Thomas The Tank Engine Remote Control Steam and Speed Toy was £39.99 now £36.00
Use the remote control to send Thomas forwards or backwards while hearing whistles, chugging and fun phrases from Thomas. He will even puff real steam, which is cool to the touch and safe. Press the 'Special Moves' button to see Thomas do one of his three steamy spins and moves, along to a special song
Orchard Toys Football Game
Orchard Toys Football Game was £8.95 now £8.00
Watch the football be passed backwards and forwards in this exciting game where the first person to score wins. This race to the finish helps develop counting and observation skills
Cut The Rope Apptivity App Toy
Cut The Rope Apptivity App Toy was £9.97 now £9.60
Designed for use with an iPad, with this set you simply place the Om Nom Apptivity figure on the icon in the App and it unlocks a whole new way to play Cut the Rope called 'Candy Frenzy'. The point of the game is still to collect candy for Om Nom, but now new challenges and different ways to play exist at every level. If you pass each level with the Apptivity version, you'll receive a 4th blue star of accomplishment. Includes one Om Nom Figurine, 1-player only
Hot Wheels Apptivity, Assorted
Hot Wheels Apptivity, Assorted was £11.95 now £9.60
Designed for use with your iPad, simply place your Apptivity vehicle on the screen and get your first chance to drive and discover the Hot Wheels Testing Facility where state of the art technology is used to develop crazy new stunts and fast cars. There are four different vehicles in the assortment, each of which ties back to Team Hot Wheels and feature vehicle-specific performance attributes. Green: Power Rev, Gold: Boneshaker, Red: Yur So Fast, Blue: Drift King. Please note: unfortunately it is not possible to request which colour car you would prefer, so please allow us to pick on on your behalf
Fruit Ninja Apptivity App Toy
Fruit Ninja Apptivity App Toy was £11.95 now £9.60
This unique toy unlocks the first two-player mode to be seen in this app. Simply place the Sensei figure upon the Mattel logo on you iPad, and challenge your friends in this new two player head-to-head version of Fruit Ninja. The player holding Sensei attacks from the fruit conveyer belt while the second player attempts to slice the fruit. Players take turns in each role and the player with the most points in the end wins. Includes one Sensei Figurine. 2 player only, with a 1-player mode coming soon