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New toys at John Lewis

by Jessica - October 22nd, 2012.
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John Lewis has these excellent new toys today
Kidz Lab Mini Diving Submarines
Kidz Lab Mini Diving Submarines £4.50
Get them excited about science with these colourful mini diving submarines. Powered by baking soda, drop them in a glass of water and see them dive and resurface again and again while learning the fun science facts behind it. Great fun for kids and adults
Gruesome Temporary Tattoos
Gruesome Temporary Tattoos £2.25
This pack of temporary tattoos contains two sheets of easy to apply and remove skin transfers, featuring an assortment of horrific gashes and boils or monstrous scars and embellishments
Fisher-Price Batman Batcave
Fisher-Price Batman Batcave £49.95
It's action stations in the Batcave! Light up the Bat Signal and activate the gadgetry. Use one of the Batman or Robin figures to operate one of the 5 activation disks. Unveil the Batmobile entrance; use the claw to work on the Batcycle; activate the lift to move your figures into position; open the missile launcher to fire a projectile; and imprison any captured hoodlum! This bat-tastic activity centre includes Batman, Robin and the Batcycle. includes 2x AAA batteries
Lego Super Heroes Batman
Lego Super Heroes Batman £10.95
With his powered-up suit Batman's ready to take on the villains of Gotham City. Put together the swords to make a larger one, then power up Batman’s lightning-fast martial arts abilities to put The Joker back behind bars. Features buildable Lego Batman with a powered-up suit and 2 swords
Lego Super Heroes Captain America
Lego Super Heroes Captain America £10.95
Thanks to his powered-up suit, indestructible bladed Vibranium shield, and expert martial arts and boxing abilities Captain America is the most powerful man in the world. Alongside the other mighty Avengers, Captain America is going to show the super villains of the world that they messed with the wrong guy!
Lego City Fishing Boat
Lego City Fishing Boat £9.99
Take a trip on the fishing boat and catch a fish! As the father sails the fishing boat out of the harbour, the son gets ready to drop his line into the water. Just watch out for the shark swimming by - he's got snappy jaws! 64-piece set includes 2 mini figures (sailor and fisherman); shark (7cm), fish, fishing poles, coffee cup, life vests and binoculars. Boat L22 x H12cm
Lego Large Brick Box, Pink
Lego Large Brick Box, Pink £19.97
This box makes the perfect Lego starter set for any fan. This colourful set is filled with a lot of great elements, such as a minifigure, a horse and plenty of elements for building
Lego Duplo Play With Numbers
Lego Duplo Play With Numbers £12.50
Learn numbers 1-10 while having fun. It’s never been more fun to learn numbers. With bright, colourful numbered bricks, young children will learn their numbers without even knowing it. Includes great play starters like a Lego Duplo child figure, dog, and wagon to provide endless hours of learning and building fun. Set includes child and dog figures, wagon base, window and fence
VTech InnoTab 2, Pink
VTech InnoTab 2, Pink £84.95
VTech's InnoTab 2 combines educational games, creative activities and e-books on a multi-functional, multi-media touch-screen tablet that's just the right size for young hands. Children can develop core skills in reading, spelling, maths, logic and creativity with the numerous activities included. The InnoTab now also includes a rotating self-portrait camera and microphone for enhanced game play. Features a large 5" LCD touch screen and g-sensor. Please note: an SD card is not included, but is required for downloads. Plus parents can download additional games and learning apps from their own computer. Comes with a free slip-case bag for safe transportation