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New toys at John Lewis

by Jessica - September 21st, 2012.
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John Lewis just added these super new toys
Usbourne Flip Flap Flop Bath Book
Usbourne Flip Flap Flop Bath Book £5.95
This plastic bath book has soft and squashy pages to make bathtime even more fun. The colourful scenes show cute penguins wobbling on the ice, swimming in the sea and sliding on the soft snow
Hama Beads Ballerinas
Hama Beads Ballerinas £17.00
Make beautiful Ballerinas with this fantastic set. Set includes: 4000 beads, 3 pegboards, design sheet, instructions and ironing paper
Playmobil Pirates Pirate Adventure Island
Playmobil Pirates Pirate Adventure Island £79.95
Welcome to the Pirates' island, where danger lurks at every turn. It's not just the poisonous snakes and spiders you'll have to avoid; there are 3 thirsty cutthroats who are up for a scrape! Get past that lot and you've still got to negotiate the bamboo maze, avoid the quicksand, duck the cannon and then find the hidden steps. If that wasn't enough, there's the fire code puzzle to crack! There are 5 levels to pass before the treasure's yours. The set includes a rowing boat that floats, 3 Playmobil Pirates, lots of treasure and 5 animal coins
Lego Creator Hillside House
Lego Creator Hillside House £30.00
• This 3-in-1 Lego Hillside House is packed with details to suit every style. Ring the sound brick doorbell, hear the dog bark, open the roof to gain access to the top floor and walk up the stairs in this 2-storey dwelling (H19 x W25 x D10cm). Park the car in the garage or pull up a folding chair as you grill your lunch on the patio! If you like, you can rebuild this Lego set into a smaller home with a greenhouse (H14 x W25 x D13cm) or create a greener home, complete with solar panel! Set includes: Lego minifigure, dog and blue car (L7cm); sound brick, fireplace, patio with grill, opening windows; accessories include grilling charcoal, hotdogs, translucent elements, water spout and realistic lights
Limited Edition Union Jack Maxi Micro Scooter and Cooler, Blue
Limited Edition Union Jack Maxi Micro Scooter and Cooler, Blue £104.95
This very patriotic Maxi Micro scooter, decked out in red, white and blue, is from the same Swiss designers as the best selling Mini Micro scooter. It's based on the Mini Micro scooter but scaled up and reinforced for older children aged 6-12 years. The styling is sharper and edgier, while remaining light and fun. The Maxi comes with a T-bar handle and a robust and well balanced structure thanks to its 3 wheels. And weighing just 2.5kg, it’s also easy to carry This limited edition version includes a 750ml capacity Union Jack bottle holder. It has a multi clip that attaches to any Micro Scooter - after all, it's thirsty work whizzing about
The Little Experience Build-it Sailing Boat Kit
The Little Experience Build-it Sailing Boat Kit £7.50
Designed, developed and packed in the UK, this charming kit contains everything boys of all ages need to construct a traditional child’s sailing boat. Made from sustainable wood and lovingly packed in a reusable cardboard suitcase, boys can build, paint and sail this yacht. They’ll have to glue, paint and varnish the components, add the cotton sails and string rigging. When completed, the vessel measures L25 x H25cm. Contents: Wooden boat components Pulling string, varnish, glue Plastic sheet, paint pallet, small brush Instructions
John Lewis Ballerina Jewellery Box, Small
John Lewis Ballerina Jewellery Box, Small £8.00
Pretty ballerinas can keep their jewellery safely stored in this gorgeous pink muscial box. Open the lid and a little ballerina pops up and rotates to the tune of 'Swan Lake'. Inside there's plenty of room for necklaces, pendants or bangles, rings, earrings or brooches
Hama Princess and Heart Set
Hama Princess and Heart Set £7.50
This Hama set includes approximately 1100 beads, 2 pegboards in a princess and heart shape, 2 bead supports, ironing paper, and instructions
Ginger Fox Codswallop Game
Ginger Fox Codswallop Game £10.00
Liven up any family get-together with this tremendously entertaining party game. Would you be able to spot the made-up definition of a word? Outsmart players by comparing one real word meaning while bluffing another and see if they can tell the difference. Points are gained when your opponent picks the made-up word as a true definition
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