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Hexbug Nano

by Mogga - July 21st, 2010.
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HexbugsAmazing new toy - the Hexbug nano
Only £8.99
A brand new toy that's really fun and really different from any other toy you've ever seen!
Kids will go crazy for these, they're going to be HUGE!
Get yours now!
* The Nano Hexbug is the perfect desktop companion for those with short attention spans and a penchant for giggle-fits.
* Turn the Nano on and watch it run about the place.
* Every time it reaches an obstacle it will wheel around and go off in another direction.
* Supplied in a whole host of lovely colours - Red, Purple, Black, Green, or Light Blue (colours may vary).
* Comes in its own little tube (for when you manage to catch it).
* One supplied.
* Suitable for ages 4 years + (choking hazard).
Hexbug Nano Starter Pack:/
* Features 1 pool and 2 curved pieces.
* Includes 1 rare Hexbug Nano.
Hexbug Nano Habitat:
* Features 3 pools, 7 connecting pieces with doors etc.
* Includes 2 rare Hexbug Nanos.

Buy the Hexbug nanos now only £8.99